Jago: the biggest poor character of this game

I’m from Brazil, so…Vou escrever em português minha indignação por quem criou o Jago, e o deixou tão vulnerável em relação aos outros personagens, principalmente os recentes.Cara a diferença é gigante quando se joga com ele contra outro boneco que tenha ajuda de outros bonecos no poder de “sombra”, ou outros bonecos que com uma magia vai tirando seu hp sem nem bater em você, ou bonecos que com um golpe tira quase metade do seu hp…Enquanto isso, o filho da ■■■■ que criou o Jago mantém ele a mesma coisa, com mesma vulnerabilidade nos golpes, combo breaker facílimo de se bloquear e não dá nenhum golpe ou movimento que dê pra bater de frente com a maioria dos bonecos disponíveis no jogo…Sinceramente meus se foda para o pau no cu que criou o Jago e deixou ele assim, até o movimento de agarrar o adversário ele é curto e lento.Gosto de jogar com Jago, porem contra a maioria que está nas primeiras posições não tem um que jogue combate com Jago, adivinha porque?Porque quem o criou deixou ele vulnerável a uma porrada de golpe, os golpes a maioria curtos, e quando tem um longo é lento pra caralho.Queria que o criador do jago visse esse post, pra ao menos mudar a jogabilidade dele para ele ser mais competitivo, um boneco que tá desde o início e ser jogado de lado sem motivo existe não

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Directly translated from Google Translate:

I’m going to write in Portuguese my outrage over who created the Jago, and made him so vulnerable to the other characters, especially the recent ones. The difference is a giant when you play with him against another doll that has the help of other dolls in the power of " Shadow ", or other dolls that with a magic will take your hp without even hitting you, or dolls that with a blow take almost half of your hp … Meanwhile, the son of the s? He the same thing, with the same vulnerability in the blows, combo breaker easy to block and does not give any blow or movement that strikes head on with most of the dolls available in the game … Sincerely mine ■■■■ for the ■■■■ in the ■■■ Who created the Jago and left him like this, until the movement to grab the opponent he is short and slow. I like to play with Jago, but against the majority that is in the first positions there is not one that plays combat with Jago, guess why? Who created it U left him vulnerable to a blow-by-blow, most blows short, and when he has a long it’s ■■■■■■■ slow. I wanted the jago’s creator to see this post, to at least change his gameplay to make him more competitive, Doll that is from the beginning and to be thrown aside without reason exists not


They will not change Jago’s gameplay. It won’t happen. But OP need to learn how to defeat him. :confused:

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Ok, I’m from Brazil as well but I hope you accept my response being in english. Since it’s the default and expected language here in the forums.

Jago is not more vulnerable than other characters and has not been tossed aside competitively at all.

Your issue seems to be against zoning, in which case i’d suggest the classic walk-and-block for aproach until you get to shadow windkick range. I’m not the most versed with jago so I’d suggest you ask jago players like @oTigerSpirit for some input.

As a side note: jago’s throw is not slower than any other in the game.


Dude, I’m sorry, but I’ll disagree…Put two players good, 1 jago and one maya, tusk, sadira, orchid…I’ve even talk palyers of gargos, eyedol, aria…The diference is huge, man, unfortunately…I really like to play with jago, but I give up to put him on combats on line when you came with 3000 points to combat because the other players only put the characters more speeds, that have more punch amplitude, hardly combo breakers to take(I mean its very hard to take a combo breaker without much hp loses, you know)…I’m talking about this in this character(Jago)…If the creator put any strike(traduction for “golpe” in Portuguese) that make the adversary stay in the air for make more combos and the combo breaker was hard to take, right there he could beat “equal” with any one character.Its that’s what I’m talking about.

It’s very hard when the character don’t permit this to you, if you know what I mean…Somes ocasions Jago don’t have any defense for the strikes(Traduction for “golpes” in Portuguese)that cames

Jago has probably the best defense in the game, with the most damaging DP among the characters, supreme meter gain, great normals…

Just to ilustrate your point: you mentioned Maya, Sadira, Orchid… all characters have weak points, and all you listed are included. Jago has them too.

My advice: play those characters, and you will see easily their weak points, and maybe, how to exploit them


It’s a little difficult to understand but it sounds like you’re saying Jago is too easy to break and you want them to give him more juggles so that he can not be broken as often. Jago really isn’t “easier” to break, it’s more like everyone simply has more experience breaking Jago over others since he’s so popular and the game uses him to teach breaking. If you want to not be broken as often you can just do manuals, damage wise Jago is solid so he can get by pretty ok doing manual combos. Plus raw DP’s hurt like a mother so landing those is always good.

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Missed Tusk, and his counter how damage the hp and how he “broke” the strikes(Traduction for “golpes” in Portuguese) with his simple “punchs”…Its like gargos when bursts the “power up”, if you know what I mean.

In some ways this is a vulnerability, he’s only character of dojo.

could you post a video of one of your games so we can see how you play him? Perhaps you haven’t optimized his abilities yet or aren’t fully utilizing game mechanics like counter-breakers and manuals.

Jago is without a double in the top 8 best characters of Killer Instinct and I’m a little confused as to why you think he’s a poor character.

I understand your frustrations, I spent the better half of last year trying to learn Shadow Jago but in the end I realized he wasn’t my character.

Looking at some of your comments, you mention that other characters are able to attack your strikes and you think that Jago is too slow. To me it sounds like you are using the wrong buttons to attack people with. There is a concept called Footsies in fighting games. I suggest delving into this further.

General strategies to counter heavy zoning strategies is to slowly walk up to them and block until you are close enough to hit them with a move. Particularly Jago’s shadow windkick is great getting through projectiles.

Jago also has zoning strategies. You can Hold your Punch button when you do an endokuken, his fireball move, and make it stronger. When it is fully charged the fireball will destroy other projectiles on its way to your opponent.

Overall, I think the problem is you aren’t using the right buttons or right special moves at the right time. Go into the Dojo and turn on Frame Data and learn what the different numbers mean. It will tell you which moves are dangerous to use if you get blocked.

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Jago is probably the most well rounded and versatile character in the game. He has a tool for every situation and can be used to fight in many different styles. He has good defense, good antiair, good zoning, good movement, a half screen forward traveling shadow move that goes through projectiles and an instinct that is considered one of the best in the game.

I don’t believe in using tournaments as an argument for establishing tiers, but pull up some videos of BHThompxson to see how Jago’s tools can be used to completely control the match.


I totally disagree with the OP. Jago is amazing even with recent nerfs… if you want to see a struggle…use some of the other characters and see how you do in those same situations. lol

Believe me. Jago is incredibly strong despite his recent nerfs. It took me some time (still learning though) to acclimate to his recent nerfs. Windkick was a godsend to get in. Though I still don’t necessarily agree that it should have been taken away from him, there are still methods you can use to get in, some of which include still using Windkick. I personally like to throw a safe Endokuken into Windkick.

He certainly struggles against some stronger mobile characters with efficient setups, but that’s not to say he is bad. He now has noticeable weaknesses that must be learned to press on the characters he struggles against.

I certainly hope he doesn’t forgo anymore nerfs later on, as it would more than likely lessen the fun I have with him. In other words, I hope he doesn’t get s SFV treatment.

Jago is still very powerful it’s just his windkicks are little more unsafe now than before.

In my opinion though I don’t think there was anything wrong with him to begin with. But that’s really cause anyone who wanted to get at least decent at the game went through training mode and got a good feel for what Jago is like and knows how to react to his skills the downsides of being the everyman.

On that note though my thoughts on the nerf is just “eh” shrugs

Hmm this is sounding more like an issue with juggles as opposed to anything else, but again there’s nothing for it but to practice how they work and how to break them. Jago is still a pretty threatening all rounder, he has enough tools in his arsenal to compete with the kooky juggle crowd and the less straight forward characters.

You guys are a blast.

Como se diz scrub em portugues?

It’s slang, so there is no translation