Jago sword items ideas

Hello Jago fans. Here a little different but killer swords for loved monk. What are you think? Want new toy for retro or new age Jago?
Vote and @IronGalaxy please make it happen.

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These swords look rather modern, maybe too modern for Jago’s style and design.

However, my favourite of them is #1.

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The 1 and 6 is familiar to stock retro. Think 5 or 3 with retro :wink:

Still waiting on an actual laser sword for jago:

Are these peculiar blades yours? Beautiful.

I think 3 & 4 work beautifully for a steampunk/cyber retro Jago!

While 2 & 5 are something a retro Shadow Jago would use.

I love 1 & 6 but they are too basic, I think.


I’d really like 6 for a Hyabusa-like all black ninja-ish design. My favorite out of those would be 5, though. I’m typically a more traditional sword fan, but nice collection.

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nope sir. i find it on net.

nice :wink:

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