Jago Sound Bug?

Hi there, when i play killer instinct and i cant play Jago… because every second of the match, when i do a fireball, grab, taunt, whatever, it does this annoying beeping sound… it really annoys me and even when i have the game muted the game still produces that sound… any way to fix it?

if it helps, it started happening sense i played shadow lab

note: i already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game :sob:

Can you record it?

i can, il send a link as soon as possible

i know what you are talking about. Its a PC issue. Your PC makes that sound whenever certain buttons are pressed. I dont know how to stop it, but i know it is not a problem with the game.

But it used to work perfectly, it just changed after i used shadow lab, i used to be a jago main, until i tried that mode out

this is the link to the video i recorded, i removed the sound so you can hear it, i also decreased the sound for 50% or else you would probably get deaf

It may be a bug related to the Jago Soundlink figure. It’s supposed to light up & play sound effects when Jago does key moves like pop instinct & use shadow moves. But the sounds are supposed to be so high a frequency they are inaudible to the human ear, so that might not be it.

so you cant hear the sounds on the video?

Yeah, I can hear them. What I’m saying is the sound-link noises are supposed to be inaudible, so being able to hear them (if that’s what this issue is) might be a glitch.

yeah, i really want it fixed ;(

Jago didn’t start beeping for me until the release of Mira. Up to that point I didn’t experience this, and back then he was my number 2 character so I would’ve noticed it.

I’ve tweeted Iron Galaxy, no response. I’ve posted about this on the KI Subreddit as well as in the Season 3 bug thread here, no resolution as of this writing. I was hoping with the release of Shadow Lords they’d fix this but they haven’t.
Users have reported having this problem on both the XBox and PC versions (I have KI on PC). Iron Galaxy, Microsoft, whomever fixes KI bugs, hate to be “that guy” but a little help please??

Still nothing on this front? I’ve gone through and verified all my drivers are up to date, Windows is completely up to date, there’s no updates pending for the game itself. One interesting thing I noticed is that when training against Jago in Master mode, when you go to record moves with Jago the noises don’t happen. Only appears if you’re playing as Jago…

Yeah I noticed this on streams over the summer a lot but I didnt play Jago or run into many so I figured it was due to the stream and not the game.

Tried out shadow lords the other day and noticed Jago was still making the high pitch noise on his intro, specials, combo breaker, and outro. Playing on console version just for reference.