Jago/Shago - Ken/Ryu/Akuma/EvilRyu/Gouken/Sakura/Dan/(etc)

So part of KI’s awesomeness is that each character feels/plays quite unique from one another. Some might think having Jago/Shago could be the start of KI branching out of the “every character is unique” feel. Maybe I’m biased or less knowledgeable on the SF side of things, but I feel that the SF characters I mentioned in the title are a lot more similar than Jago/Shago. The SF characters have their variations on their fireball, dp, hurricane kick. Jago/Shago do share normals, but as an Aganos player, I approach they feel very different. Much different than say Ryu/Ken.

Do you think Jago and Shago could be considered clone characters like one might consider the aforementioned SF characters? Why or why not?

Do you even think the SF characters are clones or are they more like similar but different enough to be unique?

I guess I’m asking is Jago/Shago like the “shoto” SF characters in similarity/uniquness? Or are Jago/Shago too different to be considered clone characters?

Sorry if my question is too loaded or is simply not clear. I ponder this because I’m curious of how s3, s4, and s5 will approach s1 and s2’s unique character concept.

Shadow Jago and Jago shares a fireball and some normals. Yay. Jago has wind kick. Shadow Jago has slide that hits low and can be surged to go on the other side for cross up. Jago has Laser sword. Shadow Jago has a dive kick. Jago has a special cancelable overhead. Shadow Jago has an overhead that staggers the opponent. Jago has double roundhouse. Shadow Jago has push kick. Shadow Jago has a teleport dash as a bonus. If that isn’t enough differences to be considered not a clone,I don’t know what is.

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I definitely agree that shago/jago are not clones. Do you think ken and ryu are clones though?

Previously yes. In SFV? Maybe. We will have to see first.

How the heck did Makoto end up on a list of shoto clones? o_O


haha … i think i meant Sakura lol whoops!