Jago Shadow moves producing really high pitched noise

I’ve noticed this since combo breaker when season 3 was first shown off. When Jago activates instinct, or does shadow fireball or windkick it makes a really loud squeak. I was wondering if anyone else can hear it, or if this is a niche issue. It hurts my leetle ears.

Hey, I have this exact problem too, and it only happens when using Jago.

The squeak/beep/chirp seems to happen during the intro cutscene, when using shadow moves (aside from shadow laser sword), twice during a taunt, while activating instinct, and during instinct, it happens when using any special moves. I think it might also happen at the end of match.

Reinstalling didn’t change anything. Anyone know what could be causing this?

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I didn’t notice this until after the Eyedol update. I’ve only noticed it with Jago and gets triggered with certain animations: When the match first loads, when any character executes a shadow move, taunt, or victory outro. The “ping” sound is really grating, somewhere in the 2-4Khz range. Makes me not want to play Jago anymore.

Anyone got any footage of this I’d be happy to look through and see if I can figure it out

IIRC, the electronic Jago Ultimate Source is making uses those high pitched sounds as cues to light up the toy or have it do sound effects, etc. while you play the game.