Jago shadow laser sword bugged? Actives upon irrelevant inputs

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I recently got the game on PC, even bought me an xbox joystick today out of hype.
I’ve been trying to finish master mode but I’m having a hellish time on the last level. At first I thought I’m just having some really bad habits, but then I realized that Shadow Laser Sword (down, down-BACK, left + s punch) actives a bit too often when ever I try any other shadow special.
I decided to check inputs and after attempting Shadow Tiger Fury (forward, down, down-forward + s punch) I’ve applied Shadow Laser Sword instead, WHILE never actually even touching the left direction pad as the input log displays.

Am I doing something wrong? As I was writing this I thought the Wind Kick left movement prior to shadow attack lead to a cancel (if that’s how you call it)… but here there was nothing beforehand.

How much have you used a fightstick before? Because if you’re new with the fightstick, I would suggest you get a little practice first as it takes getting used to.

There are also some input shortcut motions in the game that may affect what move you’ll get. Finally, if you have combo assist on, the game is SUPER loose with execution, and that may be really messing with you, as it takes the combos and inputs and makes the execution of the moves super simple to the point that players used to more precision may actually find themselves getting moves they never made inputs for, though I’m not sure combo assist is active for training mode.

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I turned Combo Assist OFF before this.

It’s a really cool feature for players new to fighting games like me but I noticed it does do some confusing stuff to the point where I couldn’t complete a dojo level because of it.

I’m pretty new to a joypad, never had a console with it before. I’m using directional keys instead of the left stick as the stick makes me accidentally do jumps during movement. (tho I did have more precise Tiger Fury using it)

Overall I keep often seeing Shadow Laser Sword triggered when I’m doing forward motion shadow specials. It’s really weird.

Look at this!

I did forward + LB ( all punches button ) and it did auto Shadow Laser Sword

It seems the Combo Assist was ON after all.
I could have sworn I turned it off both yesterday and today.

It sounds like the combo assist is still on. I just turned it on and went to practice mode, and sure enough, I hit forward and three punches and I also get shadow laser sword.

I would double check and see if you accidentally turned it on by mistake instead of turning it off.

Edit: Minute late to the reply. Well at least you found your culprit.

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Thanks for response either way.

I just completed the Dojo task. Now the tripple shadow juggle one… May luck be with me.

It’s possible you turned it off but then exited the menu without confirming/saving. I think you have to press “save” directly, you can’t just back out of the menu like some other games. It’s happened to me before as well.

Also, if for any reason you set your controls to “default”, it will turn combo assist back on.

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@Infilament is correct.

When you go to the button configuration menu, if you change any of your inputs, you HAVE to use the save option to lock in the changes. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck with the previous config.

EDIT: And I just realized I’d revived a thread that was dead for two weeks…welp. shrugs