Jago players: An appeal for help with the Killer Instinct Community Guide

This post will circulate around all the character threads, so if you see multiple similar posts there is a deliberate reason for it.

To all Jago players,

For those who don’t know I am currently working, in conjunction with the rest of the community, on building what I hope to be the most accessible and comprehensive guide to Killer Instinct for players with a visual impairment (and of course, anyone else who wants to read it). I know there’s @Infilament’s guide, but there are (as of the time of this post), still issues present when reading the guide with assistive technology like screen readers, along with things that I feel would be of interest to players with absolutely no sight like myself (e.g. Character descriptions, an easy to access list of frame data, etc).

That’s where you come in. At the start of the process for building the guide I tried to get players to start providing me with information on all the characters, but thus far I only have one character’s move list even partially filled out, with no description, tips/notes, etc (and I’m not trying to disrespect the author of that part of the guide, who has done a great job so far and should have the rest of the list for that character completed soon as far as I’m aware). I wanted to put out this call for help so I can flesh out my guide to a greater extent - I know I’m awaiting the Dojo lessons from @ziarist (which me and him have discussed already).

In terms of characters though, if you can follow the example in the Fulgore move list for information where possible, that’d be great - I will format things myself but as long as things are coherently listed that’d make things so much easier for me.

My intention is to get as much information put into the guide by the beginning of S3 as possible if only to make the updating process as characters launch that much simpler.

I really appreciate any contributions - you don’t have to just work on characters, but the sections in the guide should give you some idea as to what I’m looking to achieve at the end (minus things like in-depth mechanics like Counterbreakers, Shadowcounters, etc which I might put into their own sections as well as being included in the Dojo Lessons).

You can find the testing version of the guide here:
The Killer Instinct Community Guide (Testing version)

If you have any questions, ask them here, or feel free to PM me and I’ll respond when I can.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Also I can do Jago’s guide as well. February for both versions of Jago?

I understnad the logic of what you’re saying, but to potentially attract the best players for each character I chose to use this method. Besides, when I put an appeal out on the main guide thread it appeared to go largely at least, ignored. :frowning:

SithLordEDP commented on one of them, we asked Galactic Geek if he’d help with Aganos and on the original thread there were others who offered to contribute but thus far haven’t responded to any appeals for contributions.

I hope this link works for you. I started going through character’s frame data and putting them in a spreadsheet.


I’m afraid, as it’s in google sheets, I actually have no easy way to access it. If you could export to Excel, hwoever, that would be good and I can look over it in there and possibly look at integrating some of the info into the guide.

How about now?

This should allow you to download it as an excel file:


It worked, I@ll say that. However, since the column headings don’t announce as you scroll over each cell (there might be a way to change this in NVDA’s settings), It’s just a large amount of numbers. THat’s why when I’ve asked people to write out the numbers for me I ask that they try and do it in the context of each move - as you can see from the fulgore part of the current live version of the KICG.

It’s had a bit of an update that I have yet to upload as ther’s not enough for me to justify an update yet really.

Thanks for your continued help and support btw.