Jago MK Wind Kick linker?

So, I dont know if anyone else has seen this (but imsure someone has), but when did Jago gainm the ability to use MK Wind Kick repeatedly as a linker in combo without any autodoubles or manuals? Is that a bug, or am I crazy?


Actually, he can do any wind kick linker he likes without autos. It’s a bug introduced in 2.13. The devs know about it and are working to fix it.


Ahh, okay. Good to know.

yes there is a video of this in the CAM thread and the big thread. I just ran into a player in ranked trying to use to his advantage…it almost worked on me…no telling how many ppl he has beat using this.

I just lost a set to it. It’s crazy busted.

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It is breakable but hard to read. he can do the laser sword in a similar fashion

also its due to he combo assist mechanic…TJ has an advantage in the corner as well… it automatically gives you the air recapture if opponent tries to jump. crazy glitches and exploits out there right now due to combo assist. Watch out…its only going to get worse the more ppl learn these advanatges

That doesn’t sound like a glitch.

Nah, it’ll get better over time (as CAM gets adjusted), not worse.

99% of CAM’s implementation is great. Just the Jago linker bug and a few stray OSes that aren’t being used by your random joe schmo in ranked, these will get tweaked.

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Combo assist is not great, combo assist is trash.

Hope this ■■■■ will be disable in ranked… When we’ll see Killers use it, i will definitely lose faith in this game.

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Until its patched is what I mean. Until everything is fixed and smoothed out. I didnt run into very many
using CAM or its “glitches” or what ever you call them…but there were a few… in ranked last night.

Not a glitch but… you know what I mean… commands that can not be done normally with out CAM. We all seen the TJ video…so if you r unsure what im talking about then go watch the video

Where is the video?

on the CAM thread

Well I looked through 700 posts, and there was no TJ video that I found.

it may be on another thread named CAM …its there.

The TJ video is just showcasing that if you try to do a CAM opener assist by using punch, TJ will either do backfist if the opponent is grounded, or he will do tremor if the opponent is airborne. So TJ can press the same button and get two different results. Although the video doesn’t show a ton of uses for this, you can probably imagine why this isn’t a good idea, especially since people often jump against TJ (because of the command grab threat). Basically, the tremor only comes out if it’s going to hit an airborne opponent, and never if they’re grounded and able to block it.

Interesting thanks for the info. Personally I don’t like the idea of option selects in any way. To me that seems very similar.

Yeah, it’s a bad option select that will probably be removed in the next patch. My guess is they did it that way so that beginners could do TJ combos involving recapture using CAM, but they will probably just make sure backfist always comes out regardless of whether the opponent is in the air or not. It’s an easy fix.

Hey Infil, so I didnt know what Option select actually meant and did some searching through Shoryuken and such… I like what I have discovered…very interesting. Can you show me some examples of decent OS for Omen or characters in general please?
I was mainly reading about the Daigo option select …where he does a jumping RH and inputs light DP as the OS. If the HR connects great, if it whiffs, the DP comes out. But what happens if they block the RH?

Nothing happens, you just get jump HK.

The point of the OS is to input DP only when your character WOULD be in neutral if your jump HK misses. If it hits or is blocked, your input is ignored because the added block or hit stun makes sure your character is still either in the air or in landing frames and can’t DP yet.

SF4 is filled with something called “safe jump OSes” because they lend very well to this “am I in neutral or landing frames” style OS. But there are a ton more OSes in SF4, including taking advantage of the chaining system… with Guy, for example, you can walk up to someone and press crouch LP, then press crouch LP + HK. If they block or get hit by the jab, you get another jab (because you’re allowed to chain LP into LP, not into HK). If they backdash, you get crouch HK and punish the backdash (because HK overrides LP in the input priority system when you’re in neutral). Lots of characters have this type of OS in SF4.

Even just buffering a special off a distance poke is an OS. If they get hit by the poke, the special comes out, otherwise nothing comes out. This works in KI too.