Jago is too strong

PS: Please if you answer do it in the Jagos thread, this is just to IG.


u gives urself a response on here…
IMO hes n ope powerfull but this anwers say it all!

jago and some cast are just killer thats the others who aren’t!

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but creating multiple threads to exercise a single point isn’t helping your cause. If anything, it kind of turns people away because they may misconstrue your criticism as a salty post about a character that may be giving you trouble. If you have legitimate concerns, make one thread focused on the real trouble, and don’t keep self posting to keep it relevant.

Personally, Jago isn’t really that big a problem. He’s good at lots of things, but as a jack of all trades, he doesn’t excel in every facet of his toolset. He has fireballs, but there are way better zoners than him. He has some good frame traps and rush tools, but his rush game isn’t nearly on par with some characters in the cast. If there is something in particular troubling to you, then ask the players around, to see other perspectives and tips to deal with the situation. But waving the “too strong” argument pops up pretty frequent in almost any fighting game forum or argument, when it needs to be approached with a little more caution.

In short, if you feel a point is important, don’t go making duplicate threads to press a point. It’s bad etiquette, and if it’s important enough, only one conversation thread is necessary.

Ok, I put it in feedback because I feel like doing it. About what you said, ok, I never had good answers nor help about the Jago Wulf match up apart from ‘it’s hard’. I usually go for the mix ups, but Jago would dp everything. Then I go for baiting dps. Nice, I may get broken. Ok, then I go for counter breakers if I get too broken. If I don’t get it Jagos risk reward game beats all my work as Wulf. I got the speed, but his buttons beats my neutral Game. I could try Glacius to keep him away and to get better damage, but honestly I don’t know the match up good enough with the Ice man

May I suggest that you read Framerate? It’s the best book ever created in all of video game legends and lore. I recommend the Killer Instinct Edition, starting from Chapter 1; The Tibetan Tiger; Jago.

I wish you wouldn’t post multiple threads simultaneously on the subject. I had a higher estimation of you as a poster beforehand. :frowning2:

I gave my thoughts on the matchup in the other thread, but to these specifics:

  • It’s pretty hard for a Jago player to DP out of Wulf’s crLK traps, and DP isn’t the best way to stuff out many of Wulf’s mixups (and even if he does this, he took a big risk and got the read). There are places for the DP, principally wakeup, and yeah, that’s the character: you need to accept that meterless DP is a thing and bait it sometimes. Defense is one of Jago’s principal strengths, a strength he pays for by lacking in other areas.
  • Jago isn’t better at breaking combos than other characters. If you’re having success baiting DPs, then you should be getting big punishes worth 30%+ on average, i.e. averaging out all the combos that are broken, aren’t broken, lock out, get counter-broken, etc. If you’re not getting high punish damage here on average, then you need to work on your combo game, and this has nothing to do with Jago. (In S2 it might’ve occasionally had to do with Jago due to combo breaker xx instinct cancel and the higher health regen off fireballs. Not anymore.)

tbh as a Jago main I’d rather fight a good Glacius than a good Wulf.

Harsh, I didn’t do this thread for people, I did this thread so IG can notice it. That’s why I put the link on the original post, but I wanted IG to know, just that.

To keep that on the subject I’ll only answer in the orignal thread in Jagos’ topic

I’m sure IG sees every thread. They’ve stated as much before. The unfortunate thing here is that the repost splits the discussion, especially since the call for dev action happens in a different thread from the one containing your analysis.

Sent you an XBL message after reading your op.

I’m not a Jago main, but I think you’re kind of right. Glacius is the lesser of two very frustrating evils in that scenario.

I can’t quite tell if you’re being serious or not about this. However, your calling Jago by two different names suggests that you’re not being serious. Sounds like an interesting read though :smiley:

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I don’t take threads like this seriously. Especially duplicated ones.

No duplicate threads