Jago Color 11?

So one would assume that the Jago figure and light up special Jago figure would have different colors since the two versions of Shadow had two different colors. Am I crazy to expect a color 11 Jago might be coming?

You are correct… there will be an 11

Did they confirm this? I wonder what it’ll look like if so.

apparently color 11 was shown off at combo breaker, but I have yet to find any pictures of it.


Thompson used it quite a bit. It looks really cool. Red headband with a lot of black and camo pants. Nearly the same palette as Kim Wu’s 3rd techno set.


What is this sorcery!? I have not heard of such wizardry being done to give Jago an 11th color. Is this for his tall statue variant of the figure? I wonder if he will get a color 12 too…

Das hot

Still no Orchid Color 10…

Huh… That looks REALLY good!

No Orchid figures yet. Wave 2 from what I recall.

For anyone interested…


Orchid is part of Wave 2, along with TJ and Cinder, whose colors have already been shown off.

No color 12…this is definitely for the light up 9 inch figure or whatever size the larger electronic figure is.

Yeah but there are two of those…

2 of what? No there isnt? THer eis regular Jago and electronic Jago…Ive never seen a 3rd Jago

Is there a way I can trade in my color 10 jago for color 11 when it comes out? Lol I need that Rambo

Wasn’t there two variants of the 12 inch figure? I swear I saw two of them, the color 9 version and the default version.

I never seen 2…but if your right… thats cool. But I havent seen but 1 on their website.

I remember seeing his figure in his Color 9 option. I could be wrong.

There were two no doubt, but I wonder if they dropped the default color just to stick with the color 9 variant.

Edit: Found the pictures.