Jago cinder matchup

I never liked the jago cinder matchup in season 2 it felt like it was in jago’s favor and it is difficult for many reasons like how he can low profile my DP and how much better his buttons are. I used to mostly try and zone against him with pyrobombs, but holy s*** with his new fire ball it is almost impossible to zone against him now I find this matchup even more difficult than before and to me it might be cinders worst matchup in season 3. I wanted to get others’ opinions on this subject maybe it’s actually better for cinder?

I still thinkit’s Glacius vs Cinder bewcause of how easy lacius can shut cinder’s air-mobility down. But we all have our own issues is some cases.

Glacius is definitely his worst matchup, not much has changed in that regard. As far as Jago v Cinder, it’s not a matchup I’ve ever had trouble with, nicely evenly matched. One of those that strikes me more as a player skill determines the game type match.

I haven’t had much experience yet with the season 3 matchup though, everyone keeps picking Tusk and Arbiter, but I don’t see it changing too much in either’s favor. The fireball dash cancel could be a little difficult being able to fake you out, but I don’t see it as an OP threat, very much a manageable tactic to deal with.

Well in some cases I’ve had some better luck against Glacius. My new inferno’s can now stop Glacius’ icicle kicks which is nice. But the only issue now is the multi-hail and my bombs may have trouble unless I can get close enough. But if ol’ Puddles gets away I may be in trouble.

So inferno is a decent anti-air against the kicks? I haven’t had but one or two matches against S3 Glacius at this point, and those were mostly new players. I’ve not had the largest amount of time to test stuff, but I hope to change that by the weekend.