Jago Alternate Costume

Ok guys, This was a requested back, jeez I don’t even remember when. I think it might have been during Season 2 TBH,
but I got my PC working kind of and so here is that image.

I made this with the question “What would Jago have looked like when he was in training?” and so with the help of another Forum member, I looked into Tibetan monks, the meaning behind colours used by them and put this together.

I know, I’ve gone over the top with the light effects, but I found a pose and thought “Yeah, let’s have him charging up an Endokuken.”

Well anyway, enjoy guys.


The Ultimate Tiger Warrior :wink: :slight_smile:

I kinda would love to see his face are those socks, or bare legs ?

Love that he is bald completely and a traditional costume -

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I was torn about the whole covering over his face, but there was a piece of info about white being representive of silence or containment I think, so I thought to use that as a means of explaining the mouth being covered.
Yeah the shaved head thing was a definite, given that it’s a tradition for monks to shave their head. It also gave him a freshness that I thought was cool, which is why the tattoo wasn’t there either.

Oh yeah, erm, I was trying to go with the socks/bandaged legs sort of look and completely missed the footwear out. My bad.

I love the idea of flowing pants with exposed legs/ feet Idk I’ve always thought of Asian trainers / karate etc with bare feet I always thought the socks with sandals look was odd on Jago lol

Great art

Great effects, but I have to say the image looks a tad to…regular, the design of the costume looks to “garden variety” Ninja for Jago’s alternate costume. However it’s amazing overall.

If Kilgore had The Legend of Thunder, then Shin Hisako needs The Legend of Jago

because that costume right there is too cool of a concept to let go to waste.

Question though, would he still have a regular sword, or would it be something akin to a wooden bamboo staff, or a bokken stick? (Complementing the “warrior in training” motif)



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I like it! Though I don’t think he would’ve used a mask during training. Just bald plain faced Jeugoh.

The point with the design was that he wasn’t unique. The story behind the design was that he was in training and dressed as all aspirants would dress, the only destination he had was the power of the Tiger spirit. I wanted him to be as close to basic as possible.

I was just focusing on the idea that, while being in training, he wouldn’t have a weapon. Obviously for gameplay reasons he needs one for his move set, but I never made that part of my design.

I suppose the wooden sword would be adequate, as it would be a training exercise for Jago to channel the Tiger spirit into the wooden sword to make it affective against real threats. You know, the age old lesson of using your training for defence and never for attack, that sort of thing.

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Look up a couple of comments and you’ll see the reason why, plus no one knows what he looks like so I didn’t want to ruin that aspect of him.

I get you, but most imagery in my research of monks showed they wore either robes or baggy pants and bandaged/tightly wrapped shins.

I wanted to be as authentic as possible.

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Nah, I get it. Aesthetically it was the right choice. I just like to think of him without a mask. Sorry if the image is too small, they don’t have a larger one.


I remember the orchid that was in this full concept art piece was amazing. I thought that was an awesome update for her with the skirt/ hairstyle tonfas etc

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Very cool to see a more a traditional design for Jago’s Tibetan monk outfit. I could see this being something he would wear as an initiate. I would love to see a variant of this with KI1 Jago’s colors with some hair, though.

That looks cool as well.

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