Jago 9" figure showcase by Max

Here’s Max showcasing the Jago 9’’ figure. For the uninformed, this is the one that lights up and makes sounds depending on what Jago does during the match.

Long story short, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!! This is just all kinds of awesome!

It’s also make me wonder what other characters could get the same treatment.


I don’t really like how his entire chest glows, its like the plastic is way to thin. Only the tattoo should be glowing, not his entire torso. :\

That’s what I noticed as well. But to me that’s just a nitpick.

I assure you, the plastic isn’t by any means thin.

I’ve been loving mine without any real issues or the feeling of compromise because of his sound and light up.


I wouldn’t really call it a nitpick, I mean that’s how they made it I guess but honestly it would have been much cooler looking if they had even painted the body with a darker paint inside so only the tattoos light up, then again that would probably have cost to much money to implement. Anywho I’m not trying to talk trash about it, its awesome and the link up audio is pretty fantastic, I just think a little more care could have been taken to make the abdomen light look better.

I wasn’t referring to the plastic as if it was brittle, I suppose I should have said it doesn’t appear to be dense enough? Opaque enough? Whatever it may be, the plastic shows way to much light from the LEDs within. Looks like Jago is charging up the devastation beam or something when he lights up.

Aaaaaah! Got you, yes it looks like he has a nice serving of endo-soup-ken in his belly doesn’t it?

In that case yes, it does. Though still a nice figure considering the value of collectibles nowadays. Well, that is if you reside in the states.

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I think its well made… I love mine… its super cool to use but the batteries do go fast. The color 11 is the bomb.
Its made better than the 6 inch figures IMO

IF your a collector of the figures you have to have this its just too cool! Dont let a video determine if you like it or not. The video doesn’t do it justice at all.

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Oh they really need to do an Orchid 10" with light up firecat.

Pre Order city

Damn, that light disappointing to look at…

Can you Imaging that? The firecat and Orchid’s Batons light up?

And the firecat growls? Oh man. I don’t even play Orchid and I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

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Oh god give us Cinder pleeeeeAASE!

I want to hear him say “inferno” during the 50 times I use it in a match