Jago 3.4

Let’s discuss the state of Jago, post 3.4, I’ve had feedback that he has fallen from grace or forced into a version of himself that quivers in comparison to his former Hunky Monkness…

@oTigerSpirit @oDragonSpirit @TheNinjaOstrich @BHThompxson Let’s discuss if you will

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Now look what you did @oTigerSpirit! Lol!

Honestly, he’s is a bit nerfed in the damage, but it’s nothing to freak out about. I feel like it was mostly for the one-chance breaks he could get, and cash out massive damage.

He still hits like a Semi-Truck at full speed that just activated Nitro :joy:

not really that hard, but you get the point lol


lol no panic, just thought I’d like to see how it is affecting the Jago community on a whole… I think it really says something that jago has to be adjusted for damage so often… We Jago’s are really scaring people out there

Jago is stellar. He still plus on a lot. He got frame traps for days. He got meter gain. He can cover horizontal distance well. He has an invincible wake up. He can combo off his grab. He gets plus frames in instinct. He can recover health. He can manual A LOT.

Jago is basically jesus lol


I feel your pain as a Sadira main. Even though both characters are as different from daylight to dark, they both suffer from the fact that they have great ways at getting in on people and in the past doing insane damage.

Jago’s strength is the fact that he has frame traps out the wazoo. Most Jago players, including myself, when I play Jago, don’t really go for the silly easy to break long combos, but short combos with tons of manuals and one chancers.

Jago will always be a beast, even if he’s a bit tamer now.

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I won’t deny, I have been making a scene about his nerfs for the thought of parodying people who freak out over nothing. I understand the changes and agree with the reductions.

His -10% Tiger Fury Ender stems from many things, the biggest was that he could do around the world gaining instinct and deal massive damage. The possibility of gaining similar damage is still there, you just have to decide, do I need instinct or damage?

His -27% Shadow Tiger Fury stops one chance breaks, since he is the Meter King, it happened too often where he was dealing tons of damage. I will still argue that 27% is a bit too much and would say anywhere between 22-25% would have been appropriate.

His Shadow Windkick no longer being throw invulnerable just stops people from waking up with buttons and stuff. I don’t mind this change since it still low crushes and is projectile invulnerable. I never much understood people who Shadowed Windkicked for mobility or for a wakeup because of how punishable and wasteful it is to throw out. Backdash into it is a better bait and tool to get into the habit of, this change urges that practice.

Overall, yes, I am bother slightly because of the damage - not because it hurts Jago but because I suck with him and it is certainly harder for me to compete at a higher level without having his massive damage. It’ll be less likely for me to comeback or have a clutch moments, but that simply implies that I shouldn’t be rewarded a win if I wasn’t executing throughout the entire match. He still has charged projectiles, he can still dash cancel in between charges and his meter is still the best. Jago is great and pretty much unchanged despite such scary looking numbers, considering that most of the roster also received some balancing, excluding Orchid.

I will always main Jago, even if he was literally butt at the game, which isn’t likely. I just think he is fun and very fitting for me in fighting games. My first fighting game that I kind of got into before KI was Vanilla Street Fighter 4, I mained Ryu and Gief, which is why I picked Jago up and felt at home with RAAM. I know I stepped away from Jago, but believe me anything I said about his being bad was just me intentionally overreacting. I didn’t “drop” Jago as much as I took a much needed break from him. I’ve been playing him exclusively since I started KI. I had Omen and even Shago at one point, but never as competitively as Jago. I wanted to learn someone else and RAAM is perfect to me for several reasons.

Nonetheless, I still think he is Godlike, but you have to think more critically and prioritize certain enders and decisions to get the win. Essentially, you gotta earn it.

Edit: I love how you tagged @oDragonSpirit. Bruh, she mains Earthlock :joy:


I was deceived by the name lol

That’s Kim Wu though dude! She has the Dragon Spirit.


Could somebody explain to me exactly what a Once Chance Break is? Obviously I can deduct it’s a combo where you only get one opportunity to break it but I still feel like I am missing something lol

That’s basically it. Lol

Can you give me an example, are they just short combos? Or do you only get once change to break them for some other reason?

Grab > Shadow Endokuken > Manual > Endokuken > Shadow Tiger Fury = at least 30%


Cancelling DP into shadow DP… :sob:

I’ve played a decent amount of Jago since 3.4, and honestly can’t say I see a meaningful difference within his “standard” (non-insane 1-chance combo) stuff. He still hits like a truck, still cashed out very hard, and will still kill you in 2-3 openings if you eff up really bad against him. Jago’s still probably Top 5 I think.

You got hit by the Thompxson Special? :scream:

How lucky.


Jago is still exceptionally strong in 3.4, and will probably never be weak in Season 3.

Special -> manual -> ender.

The onechance break is reacting to the manual.

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Infil you planning any oopdats in shagos page?

Not at this time no.

i feel like theres still room to optimize Shago but I just cant figure it out. Can you drop by the Shago tech thread some time? Id like some input.

Feel free to tag me in a post you would like me to reply to, but I’m not really a Shago tech expert so I dunno how much help I can be.