I've been thinking

I’ve been thinking of making a Cinder tutorial video that covers everything you need to know. Someone on Twitter wanted Geoff the Hero to make a tutorial video for Cinder but he said he should get me to do it instead. I plan on talking about things like:

  • Burnout
  • Fired Up
  • Third Degree
  • The many uses of Pyrobombs (not the bomb juggle though)
  • Whatever other special moves he has
  • Which normals are good which I pretty much know nothing about

I don’t know how any of that should look though. I’m not the best at just recording footage either. I don’t have a second controller to use so I have to do things with a computer that’ll hit me every now and then. Is there anything else I should talk about? Maybe someone could help me record stuff even though the Xbone has a record function? What do you guys think I should do?

When doing a tutorial video you want to set a goal of what you want to teach people. Basics, movement, combos and setups are things you may want to consider. The best way to start out is to write a script and cover what you want to do. An example of this is a video me and Zombie made for Keits.

Most important thing you can do is plan out your video with a script and a storyboard (basically, plan what footage you want to be showing behind your talking). The best tutorial videos are the ones that are carefully planned and don’t have down time/rambling while the person messes up a combo or sets something up.

Geoff is good at compiling footage, so maybe you should work directly with him? You can plan the stuff together; you decide the content and write the script and then get Geoff to compile the footage.

The other dangerous trap to fall into is making your video too large. People won’t click and watch a 20 minute tutorial video, typically… and Cinder is a complex character where, if you tried to cover everything, your video will quickly get out of control. You’ll need to decide what elements of the character you want to cover and what you want to leave out.

I’m planning on doing a guide as well, which will cover everything I know about Cinder. It’ll be long, though.

Make sure you write everything down before attempting to record it.