Its way to easy to do a combo breaker against Tusk

Its way to easy to do a combo breaker against Tusk.

Yeah, I wish there was some anti-combo breaker stagger tech you could do with him, or if there was an option to punish people for combo breaking with MP+MK, but I dunno.

Counter Breakers are your friend.

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Yeah, but that limits the strategy, tusk is so slow his like
an open target. And its not as easy to start combos whith
him as it is with other fighter.

Tusk needs to be reworked.


When Tusk starts a combo with HK drop kick, it takes forever
for him to get up, I get busted with that all the time when playing
somebody who is good. every time…

He has great range, but when a good player gets close,
especially with omen, jago etc its over…

You have to play using deflect with him. I can’t remember if light dp is invincible, if it is you have a wake up option. If not do what all “scrubby technique” Tusks does, neutral jump or jump all the time with cross up, you can even jump backwards and believe me it can be quite annoying. If you are facing very good players vs that match up, that’s another story, because those players usually will give you trouble with most characters.
I hate jumping Tusks, they are a pain.

But if you want better ideas I encourage you to watch matches from DaytonJ’s Tusk and see how he deals with pressure.

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He hits harder than anyone else in the game. There needs to be drawbacks to counter any strength that ANY character has. It’s all about balance my friend.

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I would be ok if he did less damage and was more responsive.

He’s just as responsive as every other character. Stop mashing. Learn links.

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Maybe your right.

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Keep in mind that his MP & HP buttons aren’t special-cancellable outside of INSX, so you’ll have to manually link your specials to combo off of them, but you get huge unbreakable damage before even accessing the combo system.

Deflect is absolutely monstrous.

Just takes some getting used to.

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Omen pretty much rapes me as tusk. I don’t even see the point in trying.