It's Time to Free Shago

I know several people who have recently came to the game and I have to explain to them that they can only play Shago at my house, or hope he is released again. He was exclusive since day one as a skin, and exclusive for months now to community funders. I’d really like to see the cast finally unify for Season 3. It doesn’t make sense that we need to explain this situation to people. It gives them a negative feeling because it seems like some sort of scheme. I’ve received what I paid for in 2013. Now I want others to enjoy Shago as well. If something needs to remain exclusive for original Shago owners give us an exclusive color or something, but let’s remove the weird rules around owning such a cool character as we try to grow this game and community.

Agree? Disagree?


considering they’ve already said there will be additional chances to pick him up, I think it’s fine to leave him only purchasable in waves. I got access to him through the community fund, and he’s never been listed as part of an existing bundle; how do they properly treat that with regards to people who already owned S1? Would they give access to those people for free? Because I’m sure they’d be pissed if the version of the S1 Ultimate or Combo Breaker editions in the store suddenly had something included that they weren’t getting.

Shadow Jago is what he is today because of the community fund, and as there will be more chances to buy him (I mean, do you really think he won’t be purchasable for the start of S3 to entice all the brand-new PC players?) I think it should remain the way it is.

Same way they do now. I don’t mind if someone has to pay to get him, I just think it’s hard to explain to new people coming to the game that there is no way for them to unlock such a cool character.

But you can get him …right now…all it takes is a little effort in a search bar.

Xbox live day one cards with free Shadow Jago skin.

You can get him right now with this method, or wait. Explain that to them.

…I understand what you’re saying but I think this is a bit unreasonable for two reasons:

  1. The odds of new players going through this hassle seems low to me.
  2. This does nothing to support the future of KI.

When i first got KI Dec 2014…I seen the Shago skin and I wanted it. I searched and found the card. Ordered it and 1 week later I had the skin. If you want something bad enough…go get it! There is no need to ask a bunch of questions or for another to explain. Be a man and go get want you want period…until they make him part of S3 or sale him individually again that’s what you have to do.

I think he will be a part of the S3 bundle but if not… everyone can get him if they want him bad enough.

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I come down on this far more along your side. It’s fine if Shago is never part of a true “bundle”, but he should always be available for purchase. People shouldn’t have to go through special machinations or searches to buy him.

He’s a unique character to be sure in terms of how he came to be, but at his core he is just another KI character - he should be purchasable at all times just like the other characters. Perhaps not in a bundle, but at least available to buy individually.




I mean, the exclusivity is sort of done by now is it not? They might as well just let him be apart of the cast and available for purchase, especially to those who never had an Xbox account at the time. Maybe a promotion will come during launch.


Just leave him in that $25 KI gold bundle 24/7, have special events where you can buy him solo for $5. I am a guy who pre-ordered a day one xbox one to get FREE shago and I feel I’ve already gotten my worth from that. I see no problem with people being able to pay to get him now.

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It’s really, really not.
It’s actually baffling to me that they would lock an entire character behind opportunity like this for a game with such a high tournament atmosphere.

I’ve said this a thousand times, but if Shago owners want to keep their exclusivity the most logical solution is to craft a special color or costume that is only available to Shago owners.
For example lets say all of this stuff happens and releases tomorrow, all players who have Shago on their account since before that date will be awarded this exclusive color/costume. All players who purchase Shago on or after that date will not receive the color/costume.

It’s dead simple.


I’m in the same boat and feel the same.

I think this is a great way to meet all needs.

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We should probably start talking about banning Shago from tournaments in the interim, especially when the game hits PC.

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I got a Day One Shago card on Day One. I couldn’t care less about Shago being exclusive and, personally, would be happy to see him show up for sale in the store on a permanent basis. But…

The history here does matter. It was an unlockable skin and then the community funded the development of Shago as a real character. That’s not an entirely trivial process that just doesn’t matter and now because we have new players we stick him up in the store because everyone should have access to all characters. I think people are justified in feeling like “hey, I was here, I contributed to the game and got this character made - so I should get something for that.” It’s a little bit of a corner they have painted themselves into.

I suspect he will be available either for a window at launch of S3 or permanently. They are just waiting for a while to soften the blow for people who feel like he should remain exclusive. Sort of like how the Goro pre-order is now included with the Kombat Pack 2.

As far as tournaments - as always it’s up to the TOs to decide what they want to do with Shago.

I’ve had him since KI launched and I still think it’s a really bad idea to have access to Shadow Jago be exclusive. I think he should be bundled in with S1 like Omen was, but at this point considering that they sold him desperately I get that it’s not doable.

At the very least he should always stay purchasable once S3 & PC launch later this month.

I agree he should be available…but to those crying about how they want him now, ect… well…go get him…if you want him that bad, go get him. the time it took to post a thread about how its not fair could have been spent searching for a day one card or a code on ebay, ect…

I think he will be apart of the S3 package

Hopefully he gets bundled with some sort of Complete Edition or the S1/S3 Ultra pack at some point. I’ve had him for a while, so long that I tend to forget about his exclusivity.
I know there’s still Day One Gold cards out there, but I think people would be more than happy to see him in the Xbox store.

I think TOs should ban Shago just so that Microsoft finally realizes the exclusivity is terrible and does something about it. They would be totally justified in doing so.

It’s really, really dumb.

Not only that, but it’s also bad faith between developers and players. Buying $60 of XBL Gold on a marketplace that isn’t the traditional KI store (if you can even find the day 1 Shago cards in your country anymore) is not an acceptable compromise. Especially since PC players will not need the XBL Gold.

I want him bundled with whatever special Ultimate Package where they sell you all 3 seasons worth of content at a discounted price, and he should be available in the store permanently for the cost of a piecemeal character.

The history of his development doesn’t really matter going forward, now that the player base is expanding with the PC release. These players do not need to be punished for checking out KI by being told they were too late to get the exclusive character. What matters is that every character in this cool game is available for everybody to play, at any time.

It’s also not acceptable for them to bring back Shago as a promotion for S3’s release, and then take him off the store again a month later. Put him up for sale and keep him there. Are they scared people might actually spend money and have fun with their game or something?

MS, this exclusivity is not okay.


#When Shago is released from the Exclusivity Barrier: