It's Probably Just Me But Does Kilgore Play Like A Mortal Kombat Character?

I dont know if its the look, or the projectile based character or how he attacks, but when I play or play against Kilgore he is like A Mortal Kombat Character, what do you guys think

Unless you’re either dominating or being dominated with no possibility of a comback,Or if you’re winning easily by spamming the same attacks and or combos, then Nah.

Plus unlike MKX in KI you can be punished for spamming the same combos and specials over and over, something MKX almost lets you get away with.

All the messed up humor aside…I don’t think there’s anything game wise that Kilgore reminds me of.

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TC, the missiles are straight out of Sektor’s book and the way he shoots the straight ones out of his chest (D, B, LK, I think?) is almost identical in animation as well. That must be what you’re thinking of. I wouldn’t say his overall gameplay is that similar though.

A lot of his attack animations remind me of MK - a lot of his jumping and low attacks, especially, look like they’re pulled right out of MK, as does his anti-airing c.MP rising elbow, which somewhat resembles the uppercuts from MK.

Kano’s cannonbal somewhat aswell, eventhough its perhaps more like SF’s Blanka.

It is more like Blanka’s but that’s the reason for the comparison. From a design standpoint, there are some noticeable similarities to Sektor. Because of this, we think MK.

I think there’s some pretty obvious similarities. Although the properties of his ball are more like Blanka’s, the way he animates and rolls is reminiscent of the weird, physics defying jankiness of MK. Both the missiles and the “target lock” mechanic appear in multiple MK characters, so yeah there’s definitely some similarity here. But sort of like Aria and Cinder are “Marvel” characters and Jago is a SF character. It’s a superficial similarity that doesn’t run deep into his gameplay.

He does not please refrain from saying this it provokes me :expressionless:!

He reminds me of Sektor (with missiles and real life weaponry)

While Fulgore is more like Cyrax (more futuristic weaponry like lasers)

in terms of gameplay I don’t see him much like a general MK character its more his just his weaponry and design which makes me think Sektor

His projectile spam reminds me of MK (and other NRS games’) zoning.

You could say that kilgore is the sektor of KI.