Items and guardians

So I’m a huge collection ■■■■■ when it comes to games so can you have multiple of guardians? I eventually want to have one of every item in the game so I’d prefer to use things I have multiples of. Since guardians are a one time use id hate to only be able to have 1 of each killer guardian.

You can have multiple guardians in your inventory, but only one equipped to a fighter when on mission.

But yeah, there are like 7 or 8 different types of guardian, with 4 different power levels of each type. This is on top of the MANY consumables and artifacts you find and or craft.

Ya I just think it would be awesome once I’ve unlocked everything in shadow lords mode to have every item as well.

You can only hold up to 4 of each type of guardian at a time.

Guardians are not a one time use. They have 5 charges on them, and once you use up charges you replenish them with Astral Energy, a commonly found resource. The only way to get rid of guardians is to replace them with additional ones you collect after reaching the maximum 4.

There are currently 5 types of guardians, with more coming after launch.

Every guardian has 4 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Killer. There are also “perfect” versions of all rarities, though non-perfect Killer guardians don’t exist.


So it’s impossible to have every guardian on your inventory? Or are you saying you can collect every guardian you can only have four of them though? Like one of each rarity and that’s it?

Yeah, you can play the mode indefinitely to try and collect everything, so that is definitely possible, you just won’t be able to use everything at once.

Lol! I honestly think they should break SL out into a mobile game, or even a card game! Being able to collect real world cards and such (and I am NOT a big card guy) would be fun. But being able to play this game on the go, deploying fighters and collecting stuff, would be really fun. It may break the game in some ways (already, just playing only 2 hours, I feel as though you can collect everything REALLY fast), but it would be really fun to collect lore and all that on my phone or tablet when I’m away from home.

You can only have 4 of each type of guardian.

So you can have 4 Rams, 4 Exemplars, 4 Bats, 4 Snakes and 4 Fractured Wards at once.

And to clarify further, they can all be one rarity. So, you could have 4 Killer Rams, 4 Epic Snakes, 4 Epic Bats etc. @DIAMONDVISI0N

Do you have to have the perfect version of each type of card in addition to the regular versions to get the achievement or will regular versions work? Just wondering.

Im sure someone popped the achievement already. Thanks!

It doesn’t say anything about needing the perfect versions so I’d assume that it would work with the normal ones.

I had no perfects and I got the achievement.

I like the idea for mobile game. But as a Windows Phone user, I’m a little tired of being left out in the cold in that department.

I would hope that the KI team wouldn’t be so uninclusive as everyone else has been but you know, I have little hope.