It seems a lot of us have lost our Regular status XD

It looks like all of hype posts from season 3 launch have just exited the window of recent post count, leaving many of us regular-less. :joy:

Looks like we are gonna have to go back to working hard for that regular status :laughing:

Yeah, I noticed that too.

Even the devs lost their forum titles. They are no longer “developers” but are now “interns”. So try @interns.


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For me it’s cause school lol I used to keep up with pretty much every new thread but I got way too busy for that. Oh well. I still check in when I can but I don’t post much or check what the new thread are about unless the titles interesting to me.

I was kinda curious about that…not that I really care about an arbitrary title, but how exactly do you get to become a regular?

It has to do with reading a certain percentage of the threads and posts, replying to a ascertain percentage etc. It’s an indication that you pretty well live your life in the forums.

Edit: you can see the exact requirements by going into badges and clicking on it.

Edit 2: actually I was wrong. The requirements aren’t listed under badges. I can’t seem to find them. Don’t know if they’re gone or if they aren’t easy to find on my phone.

It seems pretty clear they did some kind of reset - intended or otherwise. There are only a handful of people - mostly devs and moderators who have retained the title. It’s unlikely we all dropped off our activity level that much all at the same time.

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I can shed a little bit of light on this.

There were a series of issues with users changing the category/name/others of posts and threads which was a result of the Regular badge/status. In order to correct this, we had to change all the Regulars’ user level, as those permissions are currently locked to the “Regular” user level.

Permanent? Temporary? I don’t know. But I can at least assure you there was a specific reason for the change.

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This is probably partially my fault - I moved a thread from general to suggestions and cleaned up grammar/capitalization on a few thread titles.

Sorry if this offended anyone, that certainly wasn’t my intent.

I think it might be normal, after all. Yay, I lost my status too. Ahaha

I doubt it was you. I occasionally would fix spelling but at least once I changed one for accuracy - then had the OP change it back to the original misleading title. I let it go because I didn’t want to be “that guy.” Frankly though, the potential for abuse is really high so it’s not surprising that this became an issue. I’m a bit astonished so many people ever had that ability and, frankly, pretty impressed that it didn’t become a crazy town of people griefing threads they didn’t like. The Internet is sort of a constant “Lord of the Flies” experiment…

@xSkeletalx recognizing that being a moderator here is an unpaid public service, and recognizing that it’s probably not a great idea that lots of people get the ability to edit thread titles - can I ask that the mods be more aggressive about this? It’s going to sound petty, but it’s really aggravating to read a dozen thread titles like “it seems to me…” And “something I noticed…” 9 out of 10 times these are deliberately misleading because the author knows if they write “Another thread saying S1 was better than S2-3” or “More whining for nerfs” no one will bother to open the thread.

There should be some rules about providing titles that have some actual relationship to the post within.

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This was the jist of my response to a mod when I PM’d them about it a day or two ago. Definitely no hard feelings - I can totally see the potential for those powers to be abused, despite them seemingly being there in the first place to make the moderators’ lives a bit easier.

I think it the tier as it previously stood was predicated on the belief that if someone were to have stuck around that long and survived this level of community engagement without flags/vacations, they’re probably good to go on reclassifications and minor edits. This is an absolutely heart-warming sentiment that falls short once put into practice due to baddies being baddies.

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