Issues with Steam-KI

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  • meanwhile at exhibition mode im searching person to play but when they are leave the lobby i have to search it again i don’t know why i should do that ? clicking multiple buttons
  • game doesn’t save my search options i play maximum rank bronze and closing the crossplatform everytime.
  • i’m tired of being P-2 if i had 250 match i think maximum 5 time i’m player P-1
  • when ever win the sets i want to change the background when we do character select.
  • mostly important one ping indicator i want to see which person has more ping so i should stop the play.
  • please auto-disable to mic. i dont want to press R or space button everytime.

@developers it would be great if you guys check what i write. especially ping issues some people DC middle of match idk it’s about me or their internet connection.

As a general rule if it only happens occasionally it’s their connection, but if it happens frequently it’s yours.
I’ve been playing KI on all it’s platforms starting with season 1 on the XB1, and while I have seen a slight increase in connection issues with the Steam version, it has not been significant. 9/10 of all the games I’ve played online haven’t had any connection issues.

good point that reason we need ping indicator.