Issues with Arbiter: questions and suggestions

I play Omen too. Spend the bar, phase out. I know you have a bar to spare. No need to be all grumpy about it.

In the corner…tacked on grenade. You block…you get command grabbed… you move or jump the grande goes off and you get hit with his sword with the long reach. Yes sometimes it effects Arbiter…but not every time… and even when he gets hit…he can still reach you if you dont immediately block.
You cant say that there is a guaranteed way to avoid this every time.

Even better, phase through and hit him with the grenade as a crossup~ turn his ammo for combos and setups into your own ammo for mixups!

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Have you tried jabbing him out of the grab? What about LP Orda? 3K Phasing?

If by “perfect” you mean “knowing what DOESN’T work and trying other options”, then apparently we do all play a pretty perfect game. I’m sure we all still get hit by Arby’s setups once in a while, but we don’t die free to them, nor get all attitudinal at people trying to help.

Also, as @DEClimax said, if you’re on point Omen can really style on Arby with his own grenades.

You don’t have to beat the setup every time. You just have to let them know that you DO have options, that you DON’T have to play THEIR game. Then they have to adapt to you, and you have more room to take initiative.

Also you can challenge those sword normals, and every Dash Sword gives you a turn. As Omen against Arby, these should be some long turns you can take. Remember that Arby has less to deal with your shenanigans than you do against him.

Im strictly working on Arbiter MU now and using him as well to understand him more. Like I said… Ive been able to escape it at times and other times not so much. I know how to use shadow form and its the better option but in the heat of battle some of these suggestions dont always work.

Thanks for the tips

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Yeah, that’s just the challenge of fighting games, though. You have a gameplan but you don’t always execute it well.

That’s a lot different than “it never works” which was the original claim.

Also, for what it’s worth, the recapture hit stun from Arby’s grenade is way less than the grounded stagger hit stun. So if you jump, and Arby tries to command grab you and you BOTH get hit by the grenade, then you recover before him and you actually get to combo him.

Other than that, there is no timing (to my knowledge) that Arby can do a command grab where he gets a combo if you jump AND if you don’t jump. I’ve challenged people to show me this timing and no one’s managed to, so I don’t believe it exists. You will always have an option here if you guess correctly.

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Jump to avoid the corner command grab, start a combo from the air while Arby is recovering from 30 frames whiff command grab (don’t remember exactly as I can’t check it right now, but it’s a lot), perform a invincible to projectiles shadow move or an ender move, so you are not affectes from the grenade.