Issues Agaisnt Hisako

Hello Hisako mains! I am your friendly neighborhood Sadira main, and I’ve been having a random issue while fighting against Hisako.

Sometimes after I get hard knock downed, I get caught by Hisako’s rekkas during the wake up frames of which prevents me from blocking, back dashing, jumping… ect.

I’ll do a crouching block, but the low rekka will still strike, ignoring the block.

I had assumed that you couldn’t hit a person while they are in their wake up frames. As this doesn’t happen all the time, I assume it’s just network lag combined with the nature of Hisako’s autos.

Any ideas?

What do autos have to do with it? Genuinely curious.

I don’t know of anything which allows Hisako to hit you during your wakeup frames. I’ve never seen such a thing occur personally. I suggest recording it with inputs and hitboxes displayed to see what is happening.

I’ve also never seen anything bypass low block when it shouldn’t. Again, input display would help here.

I still have the replay sitting on my Xbox. I just haven’t had time to record it properly.

Like Orchid when Hisako starts a combo she can continue to perform the combo even if she misses the opponent, or she will still be “rekkaning” even though they’ve performed a blow out.

I’m sure you’ve seen it happen. They’re like ninja chopping thin air.

Hisako is free to rekka at thin air if she chooses, but she isn’t able to bypass any blocks or anything. The rekka slashes are generally active behind their flashes of light though, so it’s pretty common for Hisako to appear to whiff one and still have the opponent get caught by it. It’s a bit of a pseudo-setup on someone who isn’t familiar with how slow/active her rekkas actually are.

If you’re getting caught on your wakeup by an ORZ though, it means you aren’t blocking properly or are getting caught trying to jump out (or backdashing, which is doable, but weird sometimes because of how ORZ’s hitbox lingers). If she’s catching you crouch blocking on wakeup, then it just means she’s hitting you with her overhead MP rekka. She doesn’t have any special guard break properties or glitches that I’ve ever seen, at any rate.

Post the replay with input displays on. Could be you’ve found a glitch, but I think the above scenarios are quite a bit more probable.

Coolness… I’ll check it out when I get home from work, later this afternoon.

If you are playing on an xbox controller, you may have accidentally held the stick too far down, and not enough to the side. This happens to me a lot. It feels like you are blocking, but if you hit that tiny little millimeter too far down, it will only register that you are crouching.

That could be the problem too. I’ll take a gander once I get home.

Also note, Mr. FlutterShy… my best bud went to Cal Arts with Lauren Faust and is good friends with her. :smiley: He’s an animator and actually worked on that Brony Docu that was released a few years back.

Sweet. Wish i could go meet some of the creators. but, you know, $$$ :expressionless:

Yeah, the only way to really do that is watch for conventions and such. I live in Oklahoma and only just now have we started to get some big cons, of which is cool

I felt the same against her, like I was being hit or grabbed inmediately with no chance to block. I honestly thought “lag”. Once I get home I’ll check those setups after a hard knock down. Try to read her rekka variations, if they are light you can grab her after the first hit, if it’s all mediums you can grab her too (after the first 2). There are “holes” between those attacks when they are lights and mediums.
Watch out if they are heavy, those are dangerous =S and don’t try to grab those.

She’s so hard to read, I don’t know why her animations look all the same to me.

BTW: watch the grabs and cancelled counters D=

Yeah, I need to jump into practice mode with Hisako and learn her variations. Using her is one of the best ways of learning her sordid undead ways. That or playing Storm179. :slightly_smiling:

Lol, you will learn against Stom …For me it was like being on a roller coaster, they scare me a lot XD

Just as a note, Hisako is free to mix and match her rekkas as she wishes. The first swing is always a mid (L, M, H only determines start-up and damage), but the second two swings can be whatever the Hisako wants them to be. She’s more than free to do L->H (counter hit)->M (overhead) or H-> L (low)->M (overhead) or whatever. As a general rule, she’s fully punishable in the start-up of either of the mixup swings, wherever in the rekka string they occur. Trying to put anything (except for invincible reversals) in between the HP swings will get you counter hit.

Appreciate the compliment @WebNRaGnArOk We’re still overdue for that set :slightly_smiling:

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