Issue with Hisako Figurine

I just couldn’t figure out where to post this. This has been happening ever since I bought it when there was that 50% off sale on UltimateSource. She just keeps leaning over on her own. It started roughly a good few days after I received her in the mail. I messaged them once and they literally told me “When her candles are facing back she does have a low forward lean…but did you know her base is reversible.” That’s preposterous as the box shows her standing perfectly fine with the candles behind her.

Here’s quick photo of the ordeal. It looks awful. I’m not expecting a miracle but I need to know if anyone else had this type of issue within the last few months?

The box probably doesn’t show a time-lapse exposure over the course of several days subject to gravity at various altitudes, either. Sounds like a pretty common “problem” amongst all sorts of plastic statuettes throughout the market in general.

Gravity is not preposterous.

Also, is the base angled or raised in such a way that the candle section is higher than the opposite? This observation could’ve explained the whole ordeal before you ever arranged it on your shelf.

If that’s the case, that just means the figurine wasn’t built to last then.
That’ll teach me to buy a product and expect it to last more than a week. If they knew gravity would play a part, why not make a support for it to keep it in shape? It’s common sense for figures and only Ultimate source is the only company I’ve had issues with regarding something like this.

From what I see on the base, it lays flat perfectly fine. The candles on the right side are elevated due to the base itself. Here’s a photo showing it. Thanks for responding by the way. Anythings better than just having the thread die empty.

To be sure, I’m no expert on the statuette scene. If this is a relatively unique issue to Ult.Source, well, man, that sucks. This isn’t the only statuette issue I’ve seen regarding their work. That said though, I would’ve thought that the forward-lean of the figure itself would’ve been kind of a warning as to it’s upright longevity. Front loaded stuff supported too far to the rear, and too weakly, tends to tip like that (not being condescending, if it reads that way).

And yeah, the base seems relatively level, at least not tilted in a way that should directly impact the uprightness of the figure like that.

Unfortunately, my best advice would be to try turning the base around. And, in the future, when buying similar products, remember your Hisako and pay extra close attention to the pose of the figure, and whether or not it may be too front-loaded to remain stable.

Sorry, friend. At least you got it half off…? Silver linings, right?

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My Sabrewulf does this… he is so top heavy he leans forward almost to where his nose will touch the ground. I have to prop his hand against something to keep him standing.

Only issue I have with Hisako is her weapon too easily bends and her head swap is too difficult to get back on.

Fulgores knee tends to give out easily and he can fall out of stance too.

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Doesn’t make me all excited to get Spinal when he comes out. I thought my Fulgore and Sabre leaning were an exception. Too soft of plastic.

My Fulgore have same your problems… D:

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Everyone is having this problem.
Is no wonder they put these cheap plastic things on 50% off.

Why would they want to tarnish ki image

The issue is they are using a soft rubbery plastic to build these figures out of, and because of that they warp easily due to gravity. I’ve had my Fulgore, Hisako, and even Jago have this problem. The best solution I have found so far is to prop them up with some doll stands I got for some of my other action figures (Halo, Masters of the Universe), but even that isn’t optimal. I’m starting to wonder if this is the reason why we haven’t been hearing much about the second wave of figures, and why Spinal and the sound-link Jago figures haven’t been released yet…maybe they’re working on their plastic mix to make better figures…hopefully…

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Well, if they continue using the same material that’s making them deform, I may just have to call it quits on the figures then. It’s a damn shame as they look good overall once outside of the box.

things like this are why solid state figurines a just a better choice in general.