[Issue] Can't access my Season 1 fighters on Win10 KI


I need help with an issue regarding my access to the full roster of KI. I have all the Ultra Combo versions from Season 1 to 3 on my Xbox One, but today when I installed this amazing game on Win10, I can only access my Season 2-3 fighters plus Jago and Shago.

Here are some pics from my purchase on Xbox One and the Fighter Selection Screen (Xbox One and Win10) http://imgur.com/a/lTbFH

If this is not the place to ask for help, please excuse me.

Regards to y’all

I dont have an xbox.
Review your account and billing info
on both platforms email\debit card etc…

or contact customer service.
I have heard of this happening a couple of

If you already have KI on your Xbox One then you should be well aware it’s one of the buggiest fighting games of this generation. I’m actually surprised you can access any characters at all. Hell, you probably just lost all your KI gold by simply asking about this on the forum, LOL.

I agree!

I already lost my KI Gold this year, so maybe this is why I can’t only access my s1 fighters.

I’ll contact the customer service. Thank you all.

Did you acquire season 1 for free through games with gold?

No, I’ve acquired it back in 2013/14 with the Ultra Edition.

So the Customer Support asked me to look for help here… Oh well

Ha! And I’m the one getting my posts flagged and hidden!