ISP being sued by game company for lying

I dont live in New York by this caught my attention though because Time Warner/Spectrum is the provider for my area in Ohio. And I’ve had their service and did feel like, at times, it was not what i paid for. I feel like i should have zero problem streaming from my Xbox to Twitch (wired connection) but i had stuttering problems kinda frequently.

Now its not exactly KI related since this is League of Legends/Netflix, but have you guys had/have anything similar? Or have them as your I SO?


Fantastic news. ISPs need to be held accountable for the quality of their service.


Im with TalkTalk and they are absolutely terrible. Wouldn’t surprise me if something simmer happened to them,

Interesting because my internet is sucking right now. Should be 150mps and is fluctuates from 1-48. SO annoying because 3 months ago it was rocking at 140mps consitently

I love how ISPs can’t guarantee the speed you pay for, but can sure as he’ll guarantee you will never get better than what you pay for.