Is Tusk been show behind the secene video prove

i just watch this video and on the 7:00 they say that tusk is good and was show to them in privet to them is this true or just joking or they are drunk ?

please be aware of the offensive words

Sounds like they were trolling. Wouldn’t trust anyone at the saucey suite, they are too drunk and messing around. It’s just happy good times. It would be more believable if they lived in Chicago to test it.

No way they would trust those guys with any info. Now there is a few that are game testers for Iron galaxy. One of them is the young kid that played at KIT. they said he could enter the tournaments but could not use Shadow jago as he was a testers for all S3 characters including Shago… so that kid has most likely played as Tusk.

They were drunk…and joking.