Is This The Shago Meta?

pretty intesting find on youtube these are ppl i play as well who are so called killer ranks

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Yep…Pretty much…Shadow Jago is very easy to play mindlessly. I normally don’t see this sort of “playstyle” taken to this extent…But, pretty close.


It’s not entirely a Shago problem, it’s a ranked problem as well. There are people in killer tier out there who really should be bronzes. I’ve fought killers that didn’t know they were supposed to mix up the strength of their combos, killers that never cashed out damage, killers that counter broke after every single opener. These strategies (along with the Shago one of mashing divekick) will get them random wins against the bronze-gold tiers, which will move them up to killer with no risk of ranking down because the system doesn’t allow it.

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Whatever get you that W.

This crap will get them “random wins” against Killers too…The fact is, it’s ALOT harder to defend against these shenanigans than it is to execute them. A hallmark of character design that should be tweaked.


Shagos dive kick is just so inconsistent and sometimes too ambiguous to block.

Yes it’s punishable but you will get hit sooner or later :wink:

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It’s a lot harder to defend in all fighting games, though. Defense is always very hard, whereas basic offense is usually quite easy. In KI the offense is particularly extreme for a 2D game, but defense is always hard. (Actually, shadow counter is a pretty strong defensive mechanic when used well, so defense can have some good turnarounds if you play well enough)

Shago surge dive kick is an outstanding move, but it does have weaknesses. It sucks against airborne opponents, for instance, which means if the Shago player isn’t good enough to convince you to stay grounded, you won’t be taking much damage. Like… if you notice the Shago player is just going nuts, just hold up, I think.

smh IG plz make a un yolo character

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I dont understand what he did wrong. He is using the tools that the character has to win? Every character has “yolo” moves when you are getting hit by them.

Theres a different between using tools and mashing quarter circle hoping something hits. If he was intentionally spamming the divekick because he knows it’s a good move then you could say he was using his tools, but look at what happened when he crossed up, he got the slide instead, because he wasn’t intentionally using his tools he was just spinning the stick to the right nonstop.


Wow the video that played after that was super sad…

what if hee straight up gave up because of the life lead and decided to goof around and spam dive kick

If someone is doing the same ■■■■ over and over, react accordingly. Ppl who mash, I just block until they hit me with an unsafe attack and punish. I still easily get confused with shago atm, so I’ll try not to push buttons

Did somebody say SHAGO YOLO?