Is this supposed to happen?

Kim Wu’s counter not causing the stagger.

I think Kim Wu should get some buff…

Her parry stagger burst (for last of a better term) has a very definite range limit - farther reaching normals will tend to catch the parry (a dragon will be received) but avoid the pushback effect entirely.

No Stagger, Jago just ate that parry tho

But I thought all red hitboxes are also hurtboxes. And if it’s really just a matter of range, the shockwave’s size should get buffed. OP’s video looks like a situation where the counter should work properly. You can even see the VFX making contact with Jago.

My suspicion is that the parry “burst” effect might interact with the “presence” hitbox (yellow I think) as opposed to the green (or red) hurtboxes. That could be wrong of course - Aganos can often lose a chunk after all when he interacts with Kim’s parry burst, and that mechanic doesn’t have anything to do with the yellow presence box. But that’s the best I can think of, since I know that Hisako can get this effect pretty often off of certain buttons at certain ranges. Her naginata will proc the parry burst, but she’ll outrange the stagger effect and be able to attack again as Kim recovers.

I suppose it could also be that the normal that procs the parry is simply retreating faster than the burst radiates outward though. This would mean in essence that the red hitbox that encounters the parry disappears before the burst effect can “catch” it. I’m not sure though - I’d say just go into practice and play around with parry and far-reaching normals with hitboxes turned on and see what you can see.

You’re right, she needs to be close. I think she needs a buff in making all her counters make the opponent stagger. Otherwise it is the worst kind of risk/reward when Hisako get a guaranteed hit no matter what with her own counter.

Okay, so the shockwave doesn’t interact with the red hitboxes like regular attacks do although they overlap on some frames. That’s unfornunate. I wonder what’s the reason for that.

When Kim successfully parries, there’s just a hitbox that gets generated. If that attack hits the opponent, then they get pushed back, otherwise they don’t. It’s unlike Hisako’s which seems to be some specifically programmed interaction.

I can’t see it as fair as for Kim Wu has to work for it, both resume to neutral and there is no clear advantage for Kim Wu like Hisako.

It also catches EVERYTHING, unlike Hisako’s. Kim’s not supposed to get the same benefits.

Technically it does, but it also means it “whiffs” at a certain distance leaving her open.