Is this guy cheating online? WOW

This just happened to me playing a ranked match
The guy activate Instinct mode at anytime without any meter.
He made it in all the 3 matches of BO3

Is it known?

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That’s not his instinct mode, that’s just his Call of Sky buff. He can activate it any time during the match, and the moment the lightning strikes him, he gets 1 free crows dash he can use anytime in the next 8 seconds. If he doesn’t use it within 8 seconds, then he has to use the Call of Sky buff again to get it back. In instinct mode, he gets unlimited crows dash for the duration of instinct.


ok thanks for the reply, I didn’t knew it, sorry
admin can delete this post then

This is not cheating… It’s his special move…

This quotes from KI wiki and Thunder’s moves. :arrow_down:

Call of Sky: (All Three Punches) Thunder calls a bolt of lightning to strike himself, charging himself with electricity. This makes his next dash’s distance almost double and lets him pass through opponent, operating similarly to his Instinct Mode but for only one time.

Yay, the OP learned something today! :smiley:

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And knowledge is power!


LMAO! uhhhh… that was awesome. I guess if you dont know you just dont know. I was expecting to see some crazy cheating glitch!

Ummm… what?

The OP! and your response. Nevermind

I kept thinking that your reply made sense in response to the OP, but when you made it a response to mine, I was kinda like “waaaat?”

Sorry bout that.

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