Is this game full of bot?

Just a thing that i see in the last few months when i play on ranked.
Watch this random match and tell me that this Sabre is not a Bot!

Yeah,when you see me don’t press anything,i do on purpose just for see Sabre reaction.
And i see a many of other people play in the same way (with all the tea-bagging e taunt stuff) and do the same combo over and over again.
Of course some of them are really overpower and other (like this in the video) are not,but this thing it’s REALLY annoing!

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That’s not a bot, he’s just guess breaking. If he was a bot he would confirm lockouts into better damage. I don’t even think bots are a thing in KI due to the locked nature of windows platform games


Well, you may not like to hear this, but I feel it’s the honest truth. I honestly don’t think the Sabrewulf you played is a bot.

There’s a lot of evidence at play that suggests there is a human influence at work. While there’s a lot of wild teabagging and taunting, the player uses a very patient playstyle that’s careful about approach, but at the end of the match, his patience diminished and he starts making the mistake of trying to hit you while armored. He also uses a reset setup early on, but bots tend to do repetitive actions. Since he didn’t continuously try a reset setup in every combo, it seems like he was reacting to the situation. Also, I noticed you went for a counter breaker, but he tried a combo breaker and guessed wrong before that, making your counter breaker off by just a few frames. Bots don’t usually miss combo breakers easily, making that assessment from vs. CPU AI situations, so too many things just suggest he’s not a bot.

I’ll give you this though, he is a bit unsportsmanlike in taking the taunting and stuff that far, but you showed him why overconfidence is a bad thing. But I do agree with Lemon Hunter on this:

Most people have found that even trying to mod KI, while possible is more trouble than it’s been worth. It doesn’t really seem possible in truth.

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Two things:

  1. No damage loops on lockout.

  2. Running Upper into armor while you’re grounded, whiffed Slide at your jump-back. If that’s a bot, it’s a pretty awful bot.

What made you think this person is a bot?


I’ve been called a bot… and I main Sadira. :smiley:

Yeah, I feel you. What’s that wulf’s player problem anyway?? that mimic wulf is hyper accelerated. Looks like his d-pad directions and taunt button are broken too :smirk:

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The same has happened to me too plenty of times, quite suspicious.

Yeah that’s no bot, just a wulf player that had too much halloween candy.

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What’s guess breaking? And how does it seem to work most times?

Wouldn’t that mean you’re not very good then? Since you would just be spamming webs in instinct back to back? And doing random blade demons?

Guess breaking is guessing when you decide to break something. It works more often than it seems because you have a third chance of being right

Is there a way to tell guess breaking from breaking?

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Nope lol. If it works it’s a hard read. If it fails only then it’s a guess lol /s

All joke aside if someone is breaking at the first frame before the move even comes out fully then that’s a good indication of that behavior


Yeah,but this is a single case,i see other play like this before,in the same way (same play style) and (at least 3 of 5) have the gamertag with all the privacy on.
That’s weird…

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Who said I WAS good?

Actually the player I was fighting, couldnt understand why I was able to keep breaking his combos and literally destroying his defense. He was arguing with a friend how IG created bots and such.

I was quite honored. :slight_smile:

Wait…he’s playing KI…and such a question was asked? That is one hell of a sarcastic remark. I did not see this in my prediciton models.

I guess that sums it up. I know nothing of the game. I’ve been led astray.

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I’m glad you’ve seen the light. Now main Sadira and your training will be complete. :smile:

I also main Sadira.

Brother! We must then move to conquer all that is Jago and… Gargos!


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