Is this a Glitch? Omen's Shadow Orbs Issue

Okay, so while I was playing earlier, I noticed something: Omen launched a few of his “Shadow Orbs”, and one of them knocked me down. As my Character (Jago) was getting up for Round 2, but before the Round actually began, one of the remaining Shadow Orbs hit him, dealing damage. Is this normal, or is it a Glitch?

This does not sound normal. During the round switch any projectile is not suppose to affect the character. You should report this to the Glitches thread that’s sticked on the forums home.

I got a Double KO because this happened to me with Orchid’s Firecat. It’s not just Omen.


It can also happen with Kan Ra swarms that are right on top of someone.

I actually did this yesterday to a Thunder cpu. Except he was knocked down and when he got up another Orb hit him…but I dont think it dealt damage.