Is this a bug?

Hi , i got a problem . I believe this can be a bug because the last hit is a low link and the ender is a foot ¿Why ? ( sorry for my english i am mexican )…
The combo is : Hight foot manual + link low

MOD EDIT: reformatted the post to allow the link to be clicked directly.

El vídeo no functiona ahora, así no puedo ver la problema. Pero espero que otra persona puede ayudarte. Lo siento por mi español malo. :sweat_smile:

The video won’t play, so I can’t see what the problem is. Hopefully another person will be able to help you.

He is saying that with Sabrewulf when doing this combo: Light ragged edge (opener), cr HK (manual) and adding a light ragged edge linker he is getting instead the running upercut ender when playing from the right (Player 2 side). He’s not getting it that often or nearly never when playing from the left side.

I think it’s an execution issue tbh. I haven’t find a bug while testing it. My guess is an input issue happening between the cr.HK manual and the light ragged edge command.

Some ppl have trouble performing dps from different sides, so it can be quite normal.