Is this a bug? Hisako makes me wannacry

You may have to replay a couple of times…
I was no where near being hit.
I found other moves of hers and riptor
that are just wrong also, frustrating.

Nope, that always crosses up (I forget what the move is called, but that slashy thing with the golden trails) with varying degrees of delay depending on button strength. It’s not “wrong” it’s actually intentional, just like any other move that’s meant to cross up and hit from behind.

The delay drives me crazy.

It can be a pain in the butt to block, it’s working as intended, though.

That’s the idea. :smirk:
Her Shinsako’s crossup slash is designed to catch you off guard and go against you expectations of how to defend yourself. The delayed versions are there to keep you on your toes and mix you up, and work really well in conjunction with her instinct

The delay is a good thing, it makes it reactable so you can block. The light version has no delay and is an unreactable cross up.

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