Is there some sort of trick to skewer?

Seriously, I have Tusk at level 50 I have gotten pretty decent with him and for the life of me I cannot land skewer. Everytime I try to do it the move never connects and just goes through the opponent doing no damage and just hitting the ground and I get punished. Also sometimes they are too far away from a throw that by the time I can jump holding up and do the move they are already waking up.

Really frustrating out of the 100s of times of me attempting this move in ranked or in practice I probably have only landed it twice.

I tried with my TE2 and then on pad no dice… I really do not see what I am doing wrong just jump then hold up and HP right? It is really frustrating me because no matter how many times I do this in practice and it shows my sword on the opponent while they are down he doesn’t do the move.


I know I don’t play tusk but my brother does and he has the same problem I don’t know if it was made hard to pull off or not or maybe it’s just a glitch

Nope, you have to be on the ground, not doing it in the air. Like in Virtua Fighter or Tekken.

After anything on the ground that lead to a knockdwon, you press up + HP and Tusk will do the skewer. What you’ve done is the Jumping Fierce.

So basically I perform the Skewer move during the throw or whatever the knockdown was before it is over?

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Yeah, I think you have to do it during the throw. I had someone do it to me multiple times.

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Thanks buddy, I appreciate it.

I always do the skewer after the move is over. As long as the character is knockdown, you can skewer him.

So do you walk over the character while he is down then do Skewer ?


You just have to press Up + Fierce and Tusk will jump on the opponent automatically.

If you’re trying to aim a jump and time your HP to land onto the opponent, you’re over thinking it. (Doing it wrong).

Right when they hit the ground, press up and HP. Tusk will automatically float toward them with his sword down and they can’t avoid the hit.

My Tusk is level 20 and I’ve never failed a skewer. I use it at every opportunity.

Okay, thanks. I was thought it was just like a command throw where you had to do it meaty jumping on an opponent and skewering while coming down from the jump.

Thanks again.

Once someone has entered knockdown state Tusk has a pretty wide window to start Skewer, just be sure you’re pressing the buttons at the same time.

His jumping HP and Skewer look very similar, but they are not the same. The jumping HP is often what misses as you’ve described. If I want to use Skewer, after I knock someone down (also works after a throw, btw) I just hold up and mash HP to make sure he does it as soon as his recovery is over.

Yeah, skewer needs to be input on the ground. You don’t jump and then input skewer.

Think of it like a cancel. Just hold up and mash HP during your throw and it will 100% of the time come out with no trouble.

There’s no timing, spacing, or trick involved.