Is there gonna be a physical copy?

In big retailers? Or is it digital download only?

Digital only as far as we know. They may release a physical version later.

They have to !

I’m assuming that they are waiting until the game is fully complete to release a disc version

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Doubt they will, it would be a £90 game minimum unless you didnt get any costumes or anything else then they could get away with it being a £40-50 game, I think most people generally buy the ultra sets though

Once all 8 S3 characters are released it would be really cool to have a proper complete version of KI in physical form. Even better would be a special edition with an artbook and other fun goodies. I wouldn’t hold out much hope though, the S1/2 physical edition they released didn’t go too well and caused a couple of issues in the long run with the update process.

I wish a retail version that u can play the season u want!

It’s likely that be a physical version on the last character season. My guess is it’ll come after season 3.