Is there anything wrong with being blunt?

If so, what exactly is wrong with being blunt, frank, and straightforward? Overall what exactly is the problem with bluntness, frankness, and straightforwardness? After all I understand being blunt and frank as well as straightforward simply means that you are just being brutally honest basically.

Also on a personal note, I now considered myself to be really blunt, frank, and straightforward in my overall daily life. How about you guys? Do ANY of you considered yourselves to be blunt, frank, and straightforward?

They all literally mean the exact same thing. They are synonyms… so there’s absolutely no need to write them all in. You always do this. Why?

It depends on how you apply it. If your doing it to help someone improve that fine. But if it is done just to get the admiration, then being blunt is no help at all and therefore unnecessary.

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Dare I ask why your asking these questions?

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There is nothing wrong with being blunt, frank, or straightforward. Honesty is almost always the best policy. The fact is, you should always be honest, even when it isn’t popular. In my line of work, I have to be honest with customers. There are times a customer simply won’t like my answer, but I rather be honest and fair than beat around the bush and make up a bunch of stories just to soften the truth.

However, having said that, it is never okay to be rude, even if you are correct. The general issue that comes along with being blunt, frank, or straightforward, isn’t the truth itself, but how it is presented. Much like @justathereptile stated, how you apply your statements means everything. It doesn’t matter how many facts you have or if you are definitely in the right, if you present your statement in a rude and or condescending manor, nobody will listen to you.

To summarize, there is nothing wrong with being blunt, frank, or straightforward… It’s all in the presentation. :slight_smile:


As I believe people told you when you posted your other very similar “is there anything wrong with being…” thread, context matters.

If you’re ever attending a funeral for a person who was mean, crass, mildly unlovable, and just in general an all-around sonuvabitch, then no, your forthrightness regarding the character of the deceased is not appropriate to disclose to his grieving widow. Mumble your condolences for her loss and move on so that she can be comforted by someone who remembers him fondly.

You can be frank and you can be an â– â– â– â– â– â– â– . They are not the same thing.


No, there ■■■■■■■ isn’t.



you can be blunt, but sometimes you just get put in a situation where decorum must be done. thats where its hard

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