Is there any way to tell the difference between strengths of the dash DP?

So I’ve been working on my Shago’s juggle game and I realized that I can’t see any tell between what strength of the surged dash DP I’m using. There is no difference in animation, no difference in damage dealt, no difference in the potential damage build up, and no difference in the KV build up. This seems a bit strong given that you can go into it off every opening Shago can get forcing your opponent to take a complete guess. The only balancing thing I can see here is that it does require meter to continue the juggle with the surged version but with instinct you get the tether when landing this move (since you technically crossed up despite reappearing in front) which means you can juggle all day with it. Plus is deals pretty good damage too, you can get 50% one chance breaks with it.

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Your right. Much like cinders after-burners, it is impossible to tell the difference between them. what they will probably do in 2.13 is give The move rings similar to Kan Ra’s whirl special move

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Withcinder’s after burner that refers to whether it lights your legs or arms. Not quite the same. If you’re referring to inferno in that case it’s the start up and length of time he shoots the fire.

Back on Shago’s case. I was wondering that myself. I would agree they should maybe add a visual effect that let’s us know or an auditory effect to adjust that.

By “after-burner” I am referring to the follow up dashes of trail blazer and how the strength of these follow ups does not have any coloration to the animation.

That is based off the distance they travel and Cinder’s vocals.

really? huh, never noticed. Regardless, I still think it’s pretty hard to tell the difference.

There is only 1 difference in all 3 strengths of Dark Fury. The only problem is that it comes after the information is vital. You only know what strength was used when it comes to recovery time. You can land a shadow recap off the light version without the need of a standing manual, you can land a shadow recap off a perfectly landed medium strength, and the heavy is impossible without a standing manual. That is the only difference so far, recovery. I only found that out going for max ultra’s.