Is there any up to date guide on KI's option selects?

And could someone with knowledge about it explain this concept?

I have vague concept of option selects, never paid much attention to it. Only one I knew is Orchid’s DP done with throw input, which results in reversal or throw tech depending on what opponent does and that’s it.

Are there more useful tricks in KI like these? Would anyone care to share?


There’s one I apply from time to time after a wall splat. When you see the splat animation you input throw motion. If the opponent wants to thow it will tech, it the opponent does a neutral jump the throw won’t come out and you ar able to block / AA.

If they go for a manual or counterbreaker it won’t work. Still, the counterbreaker may whiff and you will just get a timing lock out and nothing else. So it’s not that accurate or risky to try IMO.

Looks like Hisako has way too much option selects when she puts you in the corner, which is pretty bad :confused:

PS: I’m also working an OS against Wulfs pressure/resets after wall splat (against his overhead reset, neutral jump, throw and dash forward). But it’s only for Wulf mirror XD
But I don’t know if it’s an option select, it covers some aspects but when the resulting attack is other then you are already in a good situation to input something faster than you would.


Yes!This is something ive been wondering about for awhile myself.

Do u know of a way to get around it if the opponent does the wallbounce throw tech OS?Cuz i think i recall Paul B saying there was on his stream before.

I think it was loooong ago but wasn’t counterbreakers after a manual what he was using? Honestly I didn’t get what he was saying…
I think that using a medium or heavy manual isn’t a bad idea to deal with this.

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That makes sense.Thank’s for the quick response :+1:

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As far as I know there isn’t a way to really punish the wallsplat throw tech OS outside of getting them to lock out by dashing or something. That can be very strong though, especially if the KV is low or, even if not, allowing you to throw them safely after for 10% unscaled and the HKD.

There’s a few threads floating around where option selects are explained in greater detail and many examples were given. I’ll try to find if one is good to merge this into when I get a chance.

Nota bene: Hisako doesn’t really have any particularly useful option selects after she wallsplats you, she just has strong tools that beat multiple options. She’s just using a strong option, not really an OS per se.

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Cinder on a level 2 or higher wall splat, can delay an unreasonably long time before throwing. You’d be surprised how many people timing lockout from muscle memory :wink: Fulgore can kinda do it a little since he recovers very fast from his wall splat but Cinder… He is dirty with it… Level 1 is very hard to actually get your throw followup, sometimes spacing is an issue and your throw whiffs so you have to move a pixel or 2 forward to actually get it to connect. But off level 1 you’re best options are either a bomb setup or a reset setup. Don’t really have many option selects though. As far as I’ve ever seen even looking all over youtube, Hisako was the only one I could reliably find option selects for with the exception of a few for S1 Jago but nothing current.

Hisako can still do her parry/throw tech OS, where you plink 3P/3K, get the parry (for whichever macro button you pressed first), but also get throw tech if the opponent grabs you. She can also option select a number of pressure options, including that air-ORZ->light influence setup you see me do a lot. I time the inputs so that it ticks into the command grab if you block, but gives me a light AD on hit.

This thread here should be a good starter course for anyone on the topic of option selects. I’ll add more later when it isn’t 3:30am :joy:

Not sure if everyone knows this, but here’s the reason why this works. When you hit the buttons mapped for 3P and 3K by themselves (without motions) you will always get a Light Punch or Light Kick (unless that character has a move mapped to either), so when you input a Parry on Hisako and plink into the other Parry, the game thinks you’ve pressed LP into LK fast enough to be a throw input.


After reading through the entirety of the thread I linked (whew!), I believe this topic is probably unique enough to warrant its own thread. I do recommend reading the linked thread for understanding what OS’es are exactly, but in terms of cataloging different OS’es applicable to KI it’s fine to have that here in this new thread. Carry on :slight_smile:

I tried option select in a wake up situation trying to avoid meaty/throw. When waking up I would block and input throw (to tech throw) but it’s not working since I’m getting hit most of the time. I think is better to work on delayed tech throwing honestly

There’s no way to avoid blocking a meaty and teching a throw at the same time, to my knowledge. You can block a meaty and also tech throws using delayed tech (as you mentioned) but I think that’s as good as it gets. And this is, of course, baitable by someone doing a delayed meaty or backdash/neutral jump – your throw attempt will come out but it will be later than normal, which means you will for sure have no chance to block your opponent’s jump-in or backdash -> heavy attack.


Yeah, what Infil said. Late tech is the best non-Hisako OS you’re probably going to find for dealing with both meaties and throw.

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