Is there any top KI player

Who has excelled in other current fighting game tournament? (eg: SFV, Injustice2 ,Tekken7)

I’m just being curious. But every time I watch SFV top 8 there’s no KI player =/

Anyway, playing multiple fighters at high level is something really hard to do, few players do this.

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none so far that I know of!

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I saw Nicky and Daymein on stream playing Injustice at AB8 (different sets, not against each other). It was awesome rooting for them in another game! I don’t think either made it out of pools though.

F3 Sleep plays Injustice as well. It won’t be long before he has a breakthrough.

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pretty sure dude was in the ki world cup…

She meant it like “Do Top KI players play other fighting games and do well?”

I hardly ever see Storm play anything other than KI :joy:

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Lol. That’s because I don’t play too many games outside of KI anymore :joy:

I don’t play any other fighters at anything beyond a low/intermediate level, and am not really trying to. I will play DBFZ seriously, but since everyone and their mother will as well, I don’t expect to win or do well in anything outside of maybe some local events.

Both Nicky and Sleep play Injustice 2 and have done reasonably well (both have made Top 64 at majors). Both have said their big losses feel more like MU knowledge gaps than anything else, so I expect that as they iron those out we’ll see them do a bit better. The NRS scene is very strong though, with experience in that gameplay style over several years at this point. So I think it may be a bit before we see a real breakout performance from either.

Bass plays SFV a lot, but I don’t see him making waves in that game to be honest. He might, mind you, but the competition for that game is just insane right now.


Rico suave was already a top player in other games before ki. Guttermagic is actually good at sf. Nicky and sleep are both becoming notable in injustice. Dayton is starting on that game as well. Bass is grinding sfv and honestly i dont see it being too long before he’s considered a threat in the game. I personally will be heavily into marvel as mvc3 was my intro fighter. Though I wasn’t a top player I was good enough to competently fight against them.

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While we’re skimming the subject, dude you were sick at the KI World Cup! When you started turning things round in the last fight and took 2 rounds on Sleep, me and my mates were on the edge of our seats xD

Yeah, not sure how I forgot about Rico :sweat_smile: He was never a Top 8 staple at majors to my knowledge, but he won more than a few NLBC’s and was always one of those higher-placing guys just inside or outside Top 32 or so for SF4. Cd Jr. was also a notable MK9 Jax player, though I don’t believe he ever saw any real success in MKX. I know Gutter more for FPS games (that’s what he got started in I believe), but yes, he’s also a solid SF player.

I think Dayton will make waves eventually in I2, as I know he’s been playing it quite a bit. I’m still dubious on how successful Bass will ultimately be in SFV, but yeah, he’s a great player and certainly has the right mindset to keep improving. Time will tell on how far it ultimately gets him.

Haha, thanks for the support @marcusmark It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Rico won quite a few injustice 1 majors

Oh yeah. Black Adam, right?

Yeah, he was a strong Black Adam and a cool one to watch.

Competition is insane for SFV?? How so??

For me, in the sense that in order to even sniff around a Top 32 finish in that game, you are definitely going to have to deal with and take on skilled players that are traveling for tournaments regularly. Some are even doing it weekly.

Take Absolute Battle that just happened. Top 8 was Punk, AlucarD, 801 Strider, Alex Meyers, Justin Wong, Smug, Flash and PR Balrog. Then as far as Top 32, there were names like SnakeEyez, NY Chris G, K-Brad, Gllty, BrianF and Shine who are all particulary strong players.

I’d say you’d have to be able to win a strong local to stand a chance at making a Top 32, and i think one of the most notable ‘strong locals’ to Bass is NLBC.

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I wonder why players like Justin Wong and PR Balrog , and others who are very known in the FGC, didn’t play KI anymore :frowning_face:

Just happened to watch old videos of Justin playing KI (my Gosh! Wulf’s backdash was so op) along with others. It’s just because the game changed too much or because they don’t like it anymore? Does anyone know?

So far I played some SFV and the game has already become pretty boring. I think I won’t keep on playing it. The game doesn’t invite me to explore it. But of course it’s just the way I feel about it.

Talking to both of them the change was too drastic for them to keep up with.

I dunno, I haven’t spoken to either of them myself but I find that reason pretty weak. I think MKX was a hard game to keep up with, where entire characters changed entire toolsets seemingly at random and often right before a major event, but KI was quite a bit less so. They did a rebalance once every 12-18 months, and then slightly altered characters once a month. The odds of your character changing in a way that forces you to play them differently in any given patch was very low. You might have to re-learn 20% of a matchup with 1 character in the cast once a month, something players of that caliber can do in one hour of normal play anyway.

If they wanted to spend 100% of their time focusing on SFV or Marvel 3 (or whatever), or they didn’t like the changes that came into the game, or (probably the real reason) that there wasn’t enough money/competition in KI compared to the major fighters, then that’s fine… but then they should just say that rather than “the game was too hard to keep up with.” SFV changed quite a bit from S1 to S2, and new characters are coming out roughly once every 6-8 weeks, but they aren’t finding it too hard to keep up with.

These guys are world class fighting game minds who could beat 95% of the KI community just with their fundamentals. I think they’re kind of insulting themselves when they say they couldn’t keep up with a game.


Is that a serious question? (EDIT: that might have come off sarcastic, it wasn’t meant to be). Thousand man brackets where only 8 people get to play on Sunday for finals? Where you’ll see players like Tokido, Fuudo, Go1, Daigo, Xiaohai, Knuckledu, Punk, MOV, Bonchan, Xian, Luffy, Justin Wong, Snake Eyez, Yukadon, F-Champ, BrianF, Smug, K-Brad, Alex Myers, Wolfkrone, and ChrisG?

For sure, not all of those player will always be at a single event, but you’re probably looking at at least half of them (or players of similar or just below caliber) at any given major. Whatever else you think of the game, placing Top 8 in SFV is hard.

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It’s not that they couldn’t keep up with the game alone. Just trying to juggle that game along with all the others they were playing wasn’t easy. I think Justin stopped playing mkx for similar reasons. I think on top of the other games they had going ki just wasn’t the priority.