Is there any practical use for Dark Gift?

I just started to pick up Shadow Jago and I found that in Instinct he can perform an action that allows both him and his opponent to instantly build one stock of SM. I don’t see a lot of players using this which makes me ask: Is this move too risky or is the payoff not good enough?

Just stay full screen and spam shadow fireballs. Profit.

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I just want to know if it’s worth getting full meter while giving your opponent it as well. To me this can be especially dangerous against characters like Omen or Fulgore who use meter very effectively.

Not if you spend it right away. Keep in mind that you using meter drains their meter as well.

That is true. I can waste Fulgore’s pips so he can’t use shadow moves, but he can still pip cancel if I don’t drain them fast enough. I’m just going to have to experiment.

It’ll probably always be worth it. There’s no other character in the game more dependent on meter than shago–fulgore is close, but he’s the better character both when neither character has meter and when both have meter. Shago having meter means safe mixups, enhanced zoning, and if you spend it quickly your opponent will never have a chance to use what you give them.

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Thanks for the tips.

It’s a good move - in general Shago gets a lot more utility out of his meter than his opponents, and dark gift lets him build full bars of it pretty quickly/safely. If many Shago’s aren’t using it, I think that probably says a lot more about Shago players themselves than the utility of this move.

Just like TJ’s last breath right?

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Plenty of practical uses. Like giving me more free meter.

No one uses it because everyone just spends instinct on annihilation.


This may have something to do with the fact that I don’t see that many Shagos in online tourneys.

Dark Gift is great for corner setups.

Grab -> Dark gift -> DP -> Shadow footdive -> Manual -> Fireball ender -> Shadow Fireball -> MK-> Shadow Fireball -> Shadow footdive -> Button -> Shadow DP. Or something like that.

That should eat up your opponent’s shadow metre while dealing damage.


I think once you get the opponent in a bind with the attack it works pretty well, you can basically stell your opponents shadow meter and work it against them. Though unfortunately most shago players I’ve met never utilize this stuff much always going for the annihilation move is really not hard to avoid.

Dark gift is great when you have no meter. I find shago to be very relient on meter, helps make my unsafe options safer. Without it I can’t open the opponent up as easy. Tether/Dark Gift are some great and VERY threatening tools. Potentially four shadow attacks in one combo? I’ll take that over 48% any day

At my level I use Demon to whiff punish. Not sure if thats optimal but whiffing a button with a shago at full instinct means eating 48% damage.

It’s certainly an option, but think of the potential using 50% of your and your opponent’s meter and being able to gain a full bar on demand. We’re talking nearly 70~% if given the right conditions and if you’re willing to take the risk.

imagine a weird hypotehtical game where Shago can use his insticnt to refil his allies shadow bar o - o