Is there a way to respond to a thread without bumping it on the "latest" tab?

Exactly what the title says; sometimes I want to respond to a thread, but I would really rather not push that thread back up to the to of “latest.” Any way to do this? @moderators

I’m afraid not, even editing something brings you to the top of latest.

Anyway, could I ask you why would you want to do that? Just curious

Not everything worth responding to is worth promoting :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I think that’s the point at which you have to decide how much you really want to get involved in the conversation.

Posting a reply in a thread revives it, and will make it appear in the Latest section. I doubt there’s any way around it, so if you’re not looking to revive a thread I recommend using PMs to reply to the specific post you’re looking to respond to.

That way you can continue the conversation with that individual rather than having an old thread come back.

Not that there’s a problem with an old thread coming back, mind you, but if you’re reading an old thread and want to respond, you have to decide whether you want the conversation to start up again or not!