Is there a way to make my PS3/PS4 fight stick work with KI on PC?

I originally bought an XB1 madactz TE2 for Street Fighter 5 with the thought of '‘it’s win 10 they already integrated XB live into it and my xbox one controller works on win 10’'
Back then there were no drivers for XB1 fight sticks on PC so i returned it and traded i for the PS3/PS4 version.

And now i wanted to try KI but on startup my stick didn’t respond neither in PS3 or PS4 mode and due to the way the win 10 apps store works i can’t use my usual method of using x350ce as an input wrapper.
I also tried InputMapper but that program dosn’t recognize the stick at all and Xpadder has no windows 10 version as of now.

Is there any way to get my fight stick to work on KI PC? Also anything that runs on 7 or 8 should run on 10, doesn’t mean it will work though. Xpadder might work on 10. You just need to run programs in compatibility mode for 7 usually, 8 not so much.

The best driver for ps4 to pc is made by jay2kings who also was involved with ps3 to pcs driver

Got my atrox modded with a hori commander pro 4 working on pc with it no messing with anything just installed and put in my ds4 and stick both worked

If you’re willing to throw a little money after it you could buy something like a CronusMAX, force it to X360 input and run your PS4 stick through that…

He dont have to ds4 Windows is free and the ultimate fix