Is there a way to get the theme you played (not default) in your fights while watching replay?

Hi fellas, I really like Raam’s and Eyedol’s themes and would like to hear those while playing a replay…But I’ve notice that was remove or something as the one that plays is the one pertaining to the stage regardless of which one you picked in the original match…

Any thoughts?


Unfortunately at the moment what you’re asking for isn’t possible, but it’s been that way since non-stage specific themes were introduced and I hope it’s added in future.

HI, thank you for the response…I believe at some point it was, look

Before on the loading screen, gamertag and profile card was available and on the match I picked Aria’s stage whit Raam’s theme and it came up that way both on the original match and replay…Now, regardless the track I pick for the match, the stage music is the one that transfers to the replay

(update) Just notice something, no pause or slow mo button on the playback which means this is not actually from the replay window…But I dont use a video capture device either. So the only possible way was to call that feature (dunno the name) that keeps the action for the last 5 minutes I believe

Like if you wanna bring back a cool moment that just passed…So in theory IT IS possible but only using that feature… As it will record the action just as it happened.

Still dont like the fact they removed profile card from the loading screen.

You mean the Game DVR? It’s a godsend personally. Lol I’d never be able to make KI-Stupidity without it.