Is there a superior resolution choice for killer instinct

I have recently viewed some KI videos on YouTube or other
I notice the backgrounds are especially crisp and sharp in fashion, however on my 50" screen they seem a bit washed out. Am I doing something wrong? Is it that I’m so close to my widescreen tv?
Is it that I’m following my character rather than taking in the whole situation? Just something I’ve wanted to ask someone with a PC & Xbox one.

Could it be that I’m on Xbox and it has only a certain resolution? And the vids I’m watching are players with PCs with superior graphics cards?

The Xbox version of the game only goes up to 900p. The PC version goes all the way up to 4K so if you’re seeing higher resolution videos they were probably captured on PC.



I was wondering if it was a game console limitation- when I viewed the recent ultimates and a couple stages like riptor stage and aganos I was like ‘heyyyyyy…’