Is there a direct way to contact someone over unsolved problem?


I’ve had a problem with the game crashing and being unplayable for months. I’ve tried anything on the forums to fix it with no success. Is there a way I can get ahold of someone more directly to fix it? Would it even matter?

Thank you. Below is a repost of the problem if you have any ideas.

I’m on Xbox 1. KI crashes when it gets to the “Checking DLC” screen when it starts up. I’ve tried…
1: Hard Reboot
2: Reinstall. (Deleting everything except the save data)
3: Deleting, hard reboot, THEN reinstalling.
4: Deleting everything(including the save data), hard reboot, reinstalling.

If I disconnect from the internet then everything works EXCEPT that I only have the S1 characters. If I reconnect to the net while it’s on, it’ll crash and be unplayable again. Weird, right?

I would try your luck with Microsoft/Xbox tech support. You could potentially contact one of the teams community moderators, though I’m not sure if they’d be able to get to you in s timely fashion considering their schedules.

I’m truly not sure why it would crash while attempting to check DLC or live. If anything that should be an indication of your network not communicating well with the servers. Not really a fix but to help give you an idea if it’s associated with Xbox or profiles, have you tried different profiles?

After doing a quick investigation on the matter and it seems like it still seems to be an issue, I would suggest that you post this thread here so that a developer may give you an update on this…

Hopefully this issue is resolved for you soon dude.

Dude, Cstyles has been let go from IG like damn near a year ago LOL

Do not send Cstyels anything, he doesnt work here anymore.

Right, just saw that.

Try @rukizzel in that case.

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No longer working there is correct. Let go? Poor choice of words. Anyways, yes, Rukari is the one to get a hold of.

Thats great…can you at least help these guys that been tagging you all year? Or at least tell them you got there message but no longer work here?
There is another thread that you are tagged in from a guy thats been waiting on your help for over 6 months or so.

haha… I never even knew you DID work there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m REALLY behind the times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your reply!

Profiles: I’ve tried 2 different profiles on the same xbox one. No dice.

Network: I used to wonder about network related issues. I’ve actually changed internet providers and gotten faster internet since the issue started. The moment the guy installed the new net I said “Okay, time to try Killer Instinct”. Once again, no change. :frowning:

Have you tried deleting your profile and recovering it on the console?

I luv u man. Your words are so true (though slightly inaccurate “let go” :smile:) . Almost died from laughter reading this interaction with mr styles.

Thanks LOL. Well man, the words let go got his attention. He has been tagged prob 50 x with ppl thinking he still works here. It took him less than 5 mins to jump and defend his status from let go to no longer employed , yet these ppl cant play KI and are depending on a answer from him so they can find better option for help. These ppl has LOST interest in the game and KI dev team due to him not responding.

I know i can be a bit harsh and too direct sometimes but in these day you have to be if you want ppl to wake up.

Yes, sir. No change. :confused:

Hey ahm it’s been 2 days since i bought the DE from the windows store, but everytime i launch the game everything it’s still locked. I’ve tried reinstalling the game, and launching it with the xbox app, but, i’ve got the same result. Please help me both the microsoft support and rukizzel didn’t respond me…

Update: Tried it on my other profile again just for kicks. It works on the OTHER profile. It still doesn’t work on my main profile.

Tried to talk to MS, they insisted I come back here. :confused:

In the past, when I had similar issues, I PMed a dev. They actually asked if I would allow them to use my profile to duplicate the issue.

Some issues were resolved, some were not. I still cannot use the left trigger on my controller (as an example). If it is enabled in KI, every punch button I press becomes three kick buttons if I do a qcf movement.

If I use a different profile, no issue. Sadly, as with your issue, it’s a corrupted profile, and there isn’t anything they can do, because its a glitch in your profile.

Mine was easy to fix as I disabled the left trigger for KI… Yours… you might have to play KI on an alt profile. It sucks, but no matter how many wipes, uninstalls, or system replacements will fix your problem, as your profile will corrupt anything it is loaded onto.