Is there a direct link to the back stories?

On the front page if I go to the Characters page Jago has a link to his back story but Orchid, Spinal, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Fulgore, Sadira and Thunder do not. Only way I’ve found so far to access the storylines is going to the forums -> news category.

Is this as intended? I believe the characters page should have the back story on every character directly (not even the link present in Jago’s page).


I’m sure when they get around to it they’ll update the characters page.


They’re tweaking the site but I wouldn’t expect any changes untilt the launch of S3.


@xCrimsonLegendx @DoobyDude23 Thanks for the response guys. At least now I know it really needs work, I thought for a moment it was me who wasn’t finding the obviously positioned blinking link.

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