Is the Lighting coming to the game to people who don't buy season 3?

Is the new lighting coming to the game like the balance updates and new character moves and all, or do you have to purchase season 3 to get it ?
I’m preordering the ultra edition Friday, and have the season 1 ultra and season 2 as well, so I’m not asking for me personally. I’m just curious about this and haven’t seen anyone mention it.

Lighting I meant * sorry I don’t know how to edit a topic.

It’s a total game rework, it updates no matter what you’ve bought.

Yeap you still get the patches.

The lighting is part of the update. Not the Season 3 content itself.

Oh ok . People seem to be including it in season 3 things that caused for less stages or whatever any of that actually means. Lol . Thanks for the replies though.

I fixed it for you. :wink:

What they mean by this is, they worked on the lighting while developing Season 3. Undertaking this was no small feat, so it makes sense that they would have to allocate time accordingly to make sure they could update the lighting on every existing stage and keep those effects consistent across the new stages as well.

This helps explain why there are only 3 new stages coming with Season 3.

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If you dont buy season 3 the only thing you will be missing is the characters.

Yeah. Even if you don’t buy S3 the game will still have to do certain updates so people who did and didn’t buy S3 can play with each other and stuff, get the balance changes etc.

The stages come with their respective characters. The only way to get the stages is by having the characters associated with them.

I don’t know if they’ll keep this in S3 since only three characters of the 8 have stages. That would mean when you buy characters separately the Arbiter is relatively cheaper than Rash because for the same price you get a character and a stage and Rash only offers the character.

It would make sense to have all stages available and only really sell the characters but I guess only time will tell.

Why would it not?..