Is the Future of VR Fighting games hidden in Moss, Astro-bot, Luckys Tale, Tethered and Bound?

Hear me out guys, am gonna attempt to show u a vision of what Fighting games should be in VR, I noticed a lot of devs have shyed away from fighters in VR, but that is the only genre i so much crave for in VR being a hard core FGC fighting game person in my secluded country Nigeria (in Africa). I have earned the title of the Nigerian Killer instinct war general among my FGC peers in Nigeria . But that title is dying because my favourite game Killer instinct is a sorry exclusive and is losing popularity. In my opinion my fav game of all time KI should never have been an exclusive and has no business being an exclusive to any console. Now fast forward to the future and to the current revolution in the gaming industry . VR and AR.
i looked at the tekken VR fighting example i saw a huge potential for VR to shine in fighters
but something tells me that the future of fighters is embedded in the moments that are already with us through VR Platformers like Moss Astro-bot, Luckys Tale, Tethered and Bound etc. Remember when Moss fought his first enemy with a sword! I had to stop in the corner of my little room in Nigeria and scream. this is it !, This is the answer to Fighting games greatness in VR. This is the secret clue to the VR Fighting game puzzle no developer has gotten right.!
The future of VR fighters is in the moment the Bound character on PSVR did her first somersault , The VR effects that ensued had my head going bananas. thinking could this be the answer to the VR fighter puzzle?

The third moment is Tethered, The camera in Tethered changing from cloud to cloud changing dimensions and the fight stance and perspective , could this be the hidden puzzle for VR fighters where the cameras zoom in and out like in Killer instinct 1 ,? are you guys seeing what am seeing?

now the fourth example, imagine that we could stare down at the fighters in soul calibur 6, same detail but the fighters are placed on the tethered stage. while VR streaming audience can watch fights and look down at the fights in the stadium. ( think of a stadium with the football pitch is the stage where the fighters are fighting with all particle effects and explosion happening on the stage (on the football pitch). while humans with VR headsets staring down and watching them live.

Now fast forward to killer instinct, Imagine Killer instinct characters on the Moss stage. Small characters , same graphics , but in 3D rotating stage that the headset allows u to stare down at. Now imagine counter breakers, combo breakers , Imagine all the glory of 4K particle effects of KI brought into VR. Now keep fast forwarding to the future , and add Street fighter, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken, Killer instinct etc all in glorious VR , Oh wait, now add a Tag team mode to Mortal Kombat 11 and KI with the fights happening on a tethered or moss stage. Now imagine if fighters fall from stage to stage like in Dead or Alive. ! Stay with me and keep imagining, Its all in the imagination.

is the future of fighting games about to change with simple experiments of platformers Developers like Astrobot lucky tale, moss , bound tethered etc unknowingly conducted by devs on oculus rift , psvr, HTC vive, etc

is our learning process in VR fighting game development about to pay off finally and take off to unimaginable proportions? . Your guess is as good as mine for VR 2D and 3D Fighters,!
Am i hallucinating ? can u guys envision what am seeing? , or i am simply tripping too much ? I need yall to talk bout this. The VR fighting games revolution is about to start. Someone tag all the devs and VR / Game media outlets @ microsoft @ sony @xbox @ oculus @ htc @capcom @netherrealm @ bandainamco @ facebook @ htcvive @google @ vrfocus @ uploadvr @roadtovr all the hood legends of fighting games need to read this asap and start a huge revolution that will spark The conversation that will profer a working solution for VR fighting games in the future !

Yours Legendary,
Nigerian VR most Influential - Nigerian KI war general

Thoughts ?

Ideally, fighting games in VR would be cool. Spectators would be able to watch in multiple different angles. That would be hard to do though just the way fighting games work. I think the main purpose of VR is headphones but for the eyes to maintain focus.

Ummm. Killer Instinct is owned by Microsoft. They’re not going to let it be on non-Microsoft platforms as long as they’re making consoles. And that’s not gonna stop for now. Soooooo.

They are not going to let it be on non Microsoft platforms is steam an MS platform… ?

This type of comment is the reason why our beloved KI suffered a premature death. KI should have never ever been an exclusive.

Except… Steam isn’t a platform. It’s a store. You don’t go out and give money to valve to buy a “Steam Machine”. You just download the app on to your PC (your most likley Microsoft brand computer btw, if you live in the states at least). KI was already available on PCs (the actual machine) via windows 10. It’s not the equivalent of them letting their game be on PS4 or Switch, it’s the equivalent of them originally only selling their game at GameStop and then putting it on the shelves at Walmart.

Plus, It had every right to be an exclusive, because if people wanted it enough, then they’d have bought the system it’s on. Halo and Gears of War aren’t “dying” because people buy those systems to play those games. KI was supposed to be another title like that. A game people buy an Xbox to play because it’s so good. That’s what exclusives are for and it’s how companies sell costumes in the first place.

Imagine that instead of KI, someone was using your exact argument as justification for why Mario Odyssey should have been non-exclusive. That’s a very popular game that was exclusive to one system and is “Dead” (as in no support from the developers). How silly would that argument sound now? Of coarse Nintendo isn’t going to let Mario be on Sony or Microsoft platforms.

If anything, this is proof that Microsoft needs to break into the business of making LOTS of exclusives and making them all really good. They’d probably have to also get someone like Capcom or Square to make a couple big day one exclusives for their next system to get it into the hands of Japanese gamers (Xbox’s biggest struggle in the market place). They need to get on board with continuing to make sequels for their most popular franchises, make it seam like the next Xbox isn’t just the “Halo and Gears Machine” but a machine to go to for Halo, Gears, KI, Fable, Battletoads, Banjo, Perfect Dark, Kameo, Viva Pinata, Conker, Crackdown, etc, etc, etc. That’s what Nintendo dose, and that’s what PlayStation did before the PS4 got the reputation of being the “better system”. The same reputation the 360 had for a while (at least stateside), which lead them to believe that it didn’t matter if they had exclusives, because everyone would buy it because the 360 is the best. The same reputation that has practically killed off all but a few of Sony’s long running first party franchises from the PS2/3 days. God, imagine if PS4 also has a new Twisted Metal. Or Jak and Daxter. Sly Cooper, InFamous, Ape Escape, MediEvil, WipeOut! All three of the big console makers need to follow Nintendo’s example and realize that their exclusives need to root down and stick around for generations, that way no single individual title will suffer a “premature death” (still pretty ridiculous that a game is dead when the devs drop support, you’d really think it was dead when people stop buying copies and playing it as a community)