Is the dive kick too slow?

I’ve been trying to use the heavy version to cross up after a blocked normal but the same thing keeps happening over and over again. My opponent keeps holding back (which is what you normally would want to happen for a cross up) but because the dive kick takes so long to actually come down and hit them, they unintentionally walk under Shago which causes the kick to either whiff, or cross back in front so that they end up blocking it the right way even though they didn’t react to the cross up. I wouldn’t complain if this was a rare occurrence but this happens way too often. People just tend to be blocking high after a Shago normal to avoid the overhead. You can’t use slide to hit them low when they do this either since that move actually does come out faster than they start blocking high which means they do end up blocking low and it just gets you punished.
(Side complaint: Why doesn’t the dive kick avoid Orchid’s air grab?? You can use the grounded version to avoid grabs but the aerial version doesn’t avoid Orchid’s air grab.)

… I understand the breakdown of the situation, I don’t understand how it’s an issue.

You see and recognise most of the mechanics but want to use them in a different way?

Have you noticed how the Shadow and Surge Divekick give different properties than the regular Dive Kick?

Have you noticed the many other ways Shago can cross-up using dash, even throw a blocking opponent? Did you know you can use Forward+HK to push the opponent back and then you can cancel into a dash with all of those dashing options?

… Can you sweep/low poke instead of Sliding after a high block?

Can never give advice on how to not be predictable, only on what to use to not be predictable.

so far the non version of dive kick only seems useful as an air to air tool. But the character has only been out for a week there’s a lot to learn and test out.

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In my experience the Dashing version is better for crossing up. Might be harder to get out a block string with it, but mixing it up between forward/backwards dash, light/medium/heavy buttons, and surge/shadow has led to a lot of openings from places even I didn’t expect at first.

Yeah it seems like dashing is the way to go, I just don’t like that small vulnerable window when you do the dashed version, with the normal version your instantly gone.

… Not THE way to go but a usually better way to go :smile:

Landing a Heavy DK will stagger an opponent hard and open them up, and is definitely a great option against Glacius and Kan Ra due to their Shadow projectile startups. Even capitalizing on Riptor so far feels like a* heavy* use of the ability.

But even though it is the worst on block of the 3 DK’s, it does indeed cross-up opponents more often than not. And because it’s not the only teleporting cross-up, one way or another, there has to be a moment to punish/recognize the situation :slight_smile:

From a design PoV, it doesn’t seem detrimental to the character,non?

Please fix shadow jago he is so cheap online, I have ppl that love to jump backwards and when I follow under him he does that cross over air move kick which makes me character walk right into it giving him a easy opener. I can be hold -> and once he do that move and make me go left when I’m still holding right and if I actually try left I still get hit and I’m not tryna get use to letting go of -> and press it again just to get a block, won’t work if he use a surge bar either so please fix that dumb issue

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